Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dillon Buck Dives with SHARKS!

OMFG! I would probably never do this, but, Dillon Buck dives in open water off Cape Town, South Africa with Ragged Tooth sharks. Ahhhh!

That huge fish in the background is a SHARK! He admits to getting panicked before the dive and using the adrenaline rush to ready himself for the plunge.

They get even closer than this! I would probably shit my wetsuit! Ewwww....

See the many other wonderful photos from the dive at his blog.

Plus while you are there, check out Dillon's new line of neoprene fetish wear that includes the boss leather jacket he is modeling above. I wouldn't mind having one of those! (Hint, hint... are you listening Dillon???)


Stan said...

Takes a brave person to dive with the sharks. Love that jacket! If only Dillon came with it!

Anonymous said...

Hi gorgeous,

Well email me your postage address and keep an eye out for the postman. Couldn't do a leather jacket yet but happily do some tee-shirts, also let me know your size.


D ;-) x

Cristiano Mancini said...

This experience is on my list of "things to do once in your lifetime" ! I like this kid doing all sorts of advertures