Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Fantasy - Ecuadorian Equinox - Part 6

Previously posted October 26, 2007

Mr. Butterfly felt as if he had died and gone to homo heaven. Here he was in the rainforest surrounded by gorgeous men all clad only in swim suits or less! Moreover, this trip was all about his speciality, Lepidoptera. He pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He wasn’t! He couldn’t stop himself from grinning like a fool. Hunky, but a bit too old for him, Pete, introduced him and his gal pal Sue to all of the studs, um, colleagues.

First he met Chuck who was naked as a jay bird and very easy on the eyes for a straight man. But he seemed all about Sue. Too bad. But she was up to handling him. Then he met the really cute Austin, another ex-military man, who was very sexy in his dog tags. Too bad he was straight too. Hmm. Worth seeing if anything could develop there though, he thought to himself. William was awfully hot in his own blond, holier than thou way. Fat and juicy cocksucker lips. Yum. And Oscar. Holy shit! What pecker that boy had! Though not as big as his Volchuck’s, they say it pays to advertise and he was hoping to get himself a slice of what Oscar was advertising. He was cute too! Then there was the pretty Dr. Allen Wise who looked fantastic in his Wonderjock. He came across as a tortured soul though. But Mr. Butterfly was definitely interested in hitting that.

After the bathing, they got back to the tent, listened to the briefings, and then it was finally time to say farewell to Sue. He was sorry to see her go. He wasn’t sure how long she would be gone. It would be at least a week as she and Chuck and Oscar climbed to over 3000 meters to collect orchids of the genus Teagueia. He just hoped that she would return safe and sound.

But now, he was walking on air as he grabbed his butterfly net, camera, and water to go butterfly hunting with Allen and Pete. Base camp was at about 500 meters elevation, so they would begin looking in an area right around camp. Allen was outfitted similarly to Mr. Butterfly and Pete was carrying a machine gun, water and spare gear. They would not be collecting any specimens on this trip; just taking photographs.

Passiflora Foetida amizonica

and it's fruit

Allen led Mr. Butterfly to a patch of blooming passiflora Foetida amizonica. This was for a dual purpose; butterflies love them and he could collect fruit here for lunch. There were butterflies all over the flowers. Both men approached slowly, cameras at the ready. Shutters began to click. They took photos of an stunning hairstreak,

Evenus draudti

and an aqua eyemark. Both of which were pretty common.

Mesosemia mycene

“Holy cow!” Whispered Mr. Butterfly. “Did you see that Automeris? I didn’t think I’d ever get to see a moth like that alive in my life time.”

“Yup. That’s Ecuador dude! Want to catch one?”

“You bet I do!”

So, Mr. Butterfly swooped with his net and caught one. He brought the net in close very quickly so as not to injure the delicate moth and grabbed it lightly by the wing’s forward ribs gently so as not to break them or mar the delicate scale pattern on the wings. Then he released it onto his hand. There it stood. It flattened it wings, as moths do and posed. Pete came over to take a look too.

“Wow!” Pete said. “Why is it just staying there?”

“It is playing dead. It is a defense mechanism against predators. This moth is a threatened species. It should fly off pretty soon.”, replied Mr. Butterfly.

The moth hesitated a few more moments and then lazily fluttered away. Just then it began to rain and all of the butterflies scattered into the forest for shelter. Allen hurriedly collected passion fruits for lunch and then pointed the way to some dense tree coverage from the rain. All three took cover.

Pete said “I can’t just sit here. I’m going to hunt for some meat for dinner. Maybe I’ll bag a small tapir or kapybara for us. You guys up for some meat?”

small tapir


Allen and Mr. Butterfly just looked at each other and Allen said “Sure Pete. That’ll be great. Thanks a bunch.”

“Now don’t go too far while I’m gone. Give me those fruit rinds as an attractant. This won’t take too long.” Off he went into the rain, which was now coming down harder.

“He’s a real man, that Pete.”, said Allen with a smile. “He’ll travel all this way to the rainforest but you can’t deny him his red meat.”

Mr. Butterfly laughed. “Just look at all that muscle bulk he has to support and you can understand his need for proteins.”

“Oh, is that what you are into?”

“I never said that…”

Allen just gave a knowing nod and grinned. Both of them had eaten and with the soothing sound of the heavy rain falling, Mr. Butterfly was feeling rather sleepy. “I’m just going to put my head down for a minute and take a cat nap, okay?”


The young explorer was really done in from all his travelling and in no time was out like a light. Allen looked down at the angelic face of the sleeping young man, who was out cold immediately. Allen was tempted to touch the sleeper in a most indecent way. He couldn’t restrain his hand from caressing the sleeper’s shoulder that was so close to him. And what was to stop him from placing his hand on the sleeper’s breast as it rose and fell with each breath? No one was here to see. So he did. Then he noticed that the sleeper’s loose hiking pant’s crotch was forming a bulge. Suddenly, the sleeper shifted, and the sleeper’s hand went down in sleep to shift something in his pants. Without waking, the crotch was comforted and the bulge adjusted. Allen was now enjoying his own bulge too. Allen reclined next to the sleeper. He thought that he should arrest his questionable actions or certainly be caught. He slid his hand down to the sleeper’s tight abdomen, fingertips just above the belt. It was so tempting to go further; he was only millimetres from the bulge.

Suddenly, a shot rang through the forest and Allen quickly withdrew his hand and sat up. Mr. Butterfly slowly wakened and said “What was that?” He realized that he had an erection and turned away from Allen to hide it.

Allen said “I guess Pete got us some meat for dinner.”

“I just had the strangest dream. You were in it.”, said a groggy young explorer.

“Do tell.”

“Um. Maybe I shouldn’t.”

Allen said “Let me guess then. While you slept, I put my hand on your shoulder. Is that right?”

“Well yes.”

“Next, I put my hand on your breast, and then I slid my hand down to your abdomen.”

“Yeah. How did you know?”

“Silly boy! Because it really happened! Did you like it?”

“Um, yes.”, the young explorer admitted shamefacedly with an adorable blush.

Just then, they were interrupted by Pete returning proudly with a dead, gutted capybara slung over his shoulder held by its tied feet.

“We’re eating meat tonight boys!”

Allen and Mr. Butterfly just laughed out loud.

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