Saturday, June 13, 2009

Port of Entry

From Bruno's blog:

'Port of Entry' is now available for sale on the Raging Stallion website. This is the second movie that I created sets and wardrobe for RSS and includes my super HOT scene with David Taylor. Check it out here

"In a small dank dusty office, rugged wharf boss Bruno Bond goes over the day�s receipts when in walks disgruntled longshoreman David Taylor. Six four with massive shoulders, David�s tattooed muscles contrast his striking good looks.� He is a man who deserves attention and when Bruno doesn't deliver, David takes the situation into his own hands--sweeping the desk clean, grabbing his boss by his tie, he demands that Bruno takes notice.� Shaken, but resolute, Bruno keeps a cool even stare, waiting to see if David will pound him or kiss him.� Pushing Bruno to his knees, David wordlessly decides to take what Bruno wouldn't give.�� He wants to stop working on the dock and start working on some cock.� Bruno sucks voraciously with David pulling the back of Bruno�s head, making a tight lip lock and before long, David's balls demand Bruno's attention as well.� This muscle man came in for some good head and gets it. No longer discontented, David pulls Bruno up for a passionate kiss, then pushes him down into his chair for a chance at Bruno�s dick.� This isn�t a disgruntled employee situation anymore; it�s a torrid office affair. They've come to a give-and-take compromise--with Bruno taking it first.� Ditching the last of his suit, he works up David prick.� David complies with his boss's desire and bends him over the desk and giving his all to Bruno�s hairy hole. David grabs Bruno�s hips and rides his boss, pounding him hard and long.� David then lies across the desk so that Bruno can sit on top of his big hard cock. Bruno rides his worker stud, then flips on his back until he unleashes his cum all over his hairy stomach. Then it's David's turn to unleash his pent up load all over his kneeling boss's chin and chest--an explosive, tension-releasing ending to a week of hard labor at the Port of Entry.� This proves that, once again, you should pay attention to your seamen."


Bruno Bond said...

Thanks, Sue!!!

Sue said...

My pleasure Bruno!

LUCIEN said...

I am not a fan of tat ink - but DAVID TAYLOR makes me re think the whole concept when it covers a beatufil body like his !