Monday, June 01, 2009

Coffee with the Stars: Diesel Washington

Only at Stag Homme Studios


Thonnibg said...

Welcome back,Sue!
I missed you!

Sue said...

Hi Toni! I missed you too!

Nathan808 said...

SUE!! i missed you!
I check your blog all the time. I'm happy that your back and I saw some photos of the wedding. It must've been really wonderful to be part of that special day. We cannot wait for your fabulous story of the wedding :)

Sue said...

Nathan! You won't believe it! Pedro smiled so big and gave me such a welcome, that I turned around to see if he was talking to someone else! But then he said "SUE!" and there was no mistake, his big welcome was all for me! It made me so happy! I was thrilled to meet him! But you will read all about it when I get the photos from my hubby Sean. He took so many and wants to edit them so it may be awhile yet. :(