Monday, June 01, 2009

Stag Homme's A Fuck In the Sun Reviewed

From Stag Homme Studios:

The summer heat has arrived to Madrid and what better way to celebrate the season than with some hot fucking in the sun. Stag Homme Studios brings you the ultra-ripped and very well hung Lucio Saints in an outdoors flip-flop fuck scene with Damien Crosse.

Directed and photographed by Francesco D’Macho.

So I guess that while I was in Madrid for the wedding, instead of walking down the calles and admiring the wrought iron balconies on the 19th century terracotta buildings, or the many historical plazas with fountains and statues and cafes, I should have been looking up. Looking up at rooftops to see the "Fucking in the Sun"! What was I missing! OMG!

If I had only known... Lucio Saint is holy cow hot (a.k.a.: HCH) and has a large endowment the pigment of which is pleasingly dark. The rest of him is a lovely caramel color. Where do they find these HCH guys? Now I know. I've been to Madrid and they are all there. Tons of guapo hermanos. Everywhere you look: hotties. But, Lucio is a standout.

I was entranced watching Lucio and Damien swap blow jobs and flip fuck. Of course, Damien makes all of his usual hot noises that I love, and Lucio's dark penis looks so filthy hot penetrating Damien's relatively lighter butt. And it is so big! I wasn't sure it would all fit or that Damien could take it all. I wonder if it is the largest Damien has ever had?

Then there is the cum shot. I mean whoa! Where did all that white stuff come from? Shit loads of cum and all of it lands on Damien's chest (well a little got on his chin). Huge puddle of cum! Impressive amount of cum from Lucio. Astounding amounts of cum!!! One could drown in it!

Okay, so everybody has to watch this one! I'm still jet lagged so I got to go to bed!


Damien NZ said...

PS Welcome back Lady Sue

We missed you !

Sue said...

Thanks Damien!

Thonnibg said...

You should`ve learned one thing,Sue-always look up when in Madrid:)hehehe

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