Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sean's View of Barcelona

A lot of photography is about having patience. Which I have none of and Sean has bucket loads of. The Barcelona Zoo tried my patience and the birds won. Damn birds.

Here I am feeding a Pere David's Deer.

The Bactrian camels were as uncooperative for Sean as they were for me. We chose to move on.

I love this shot that Sean got of an upset Macaw taking wing (as you may recall, construction was going on near their enclosure).

I was totally fed up and left the bird building by the time Sean got this photo.

These were a beautiful type of pigeon with a rose marking on their chests making them look like they had been shot fatally.

These are the crested Asian pigeons, who tried our patience so sorely.

Sean took this hyena shot blind in one exposure; he held his camera above his head on top of a brick wall and clicked the shot without looking. Good thing we use digital now, he was able to see how the shot came out.

Storks. Who do you think they are bringing a baby to?

A grand close-up of the tiger.

The king of beasts snoozes.

A black tailed prairie dog is too cute!

These steps were on our way up to Park Güell. I had to run up them to see what was on top. It was just more street.

But, a close up shows that I celebrated the win of the Barcelona team of Europe's Soccer Cup just the day before by purchasing an official team jersey. Click to enlarge.

A window detail.

Here is a metal sidewalk cover.

A photo of the aqueducts that are on the summit of the park and the steps leading up to them.

I am sitting in one of the stone nooks created by the stonework that you can see in the foreground. More stonework rises above my head. I'm sure it won't fall and crush the life out of me. (?)

Here is one of the sun details from the underside of the support for the serpentine bench.

Here is the underside of the serpentine bench with the colonnade. The ceiling is dimpled like a golf ball.

The tour bus went zipping by the Casa Batlló designed by Gaudi.

The following photographs are mine.

This is the Columbus Monument, that stands 60 m tall. It is said to be in the place where Columbus returned from his first trip to the new world.

This is a marina on the Barcelona oceanfront. I was kind of imagining what it would be like to live here.

The tour bus went zipping by this monastery so fast, it was only when I got home I realized that this is the Pedrables Monastery that dates back to the 14th century. Too bad, it would have been worth a visit.

As part of my imagining living on the ocean in Barcelona, this could be my front door. What do you think?

I hope we get to go back to Spain soon! We weren't there long enough to see anything!!!


Thonnibg said...

Lovely shots!
I`d like to live in Barcelona!

Stan said...

I have very little patience myself. The picture of the Macaw in flight is cool. I love those parrots. Especially the Hyacinth
variety/color. They live up to 50 years or more and are very intelligent. They cost thousands of dollars to buy.
If I could I'd move to Spain tomorrow! The architecture and the vegetation are awesome!

Sue said...

Me too guys! I should have never left!!!

Anonymous said...

mmm lovely shots, i gotta get me to Barcelona!