Tuesday, June 09, 2009


From Diamond Pictures Blog:

Make sure you'll come to the Spit-Fire Party on 5th July in Space, Madrid! On the next day of Europe's biggest GAY PRIDE there will be a huge party with many hot porn stars performing live on the stage!

3 of our exclusive models including Ashton Idol, Jeffrey Branson and Mad Stefano will also be there and will have a live sex show!!!

Here is a little description about the party:

The inauguration of the spectacular new Party with tons of fashion, international artist and special guests

With special appearance by :
- Vocalist Nuria Swan
- Martin Mazza
- Singer/Porn Actor Colton Ford
- Porn Actor Francois Sagat
- Porn Actor Francesco D'Macho
- Porn Actor Damien Crosse
- Porn Actor Pedro Andreas
- Porn Actor Carlo Cox
- Porn Actor Matthew Rush
- Porn Actors from Diamond Pictures: Ashton Idol, Jeffrey Branson, Mad Stefano

SPS Resident DJ:
+ Jose Gonzalez
+ David Berna
+ Brad

Guest DJ:
+ Kike Gonzalez
+ Dikky Vendetta (Rapido, Amsterdam)
+ Mike Kelly (Greenkomme, Cologne)

Speaker: Miss Davilota

Choreographer by international Dancer:
Shaun (choreographer of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, etc.)

Produced by Martin Mazza & Fabian Chundro
Animation by Cristian Drak

For advance tickets and bracelet to the whole gay pride week, contact:
www.ontickets.es (+34.902.10.40.28)
www.ticketmaster.es (+34.902.105.025)
SPS store @ Calle Hortaleza 7, Madrid

Hat tip: Attempted Entertainment

Golly, I wish I was still in Madrid! It seems to be where all the great shit is going down!


Thonnibg said...

Sue,I think it`s time for you to second your trip to Madrid:)

Anonymous said...

I recently heard Colton Ford's vocals for the first time.... he has a great set of pipes..... nice high vocal range too! Must try and download some of his stuff...:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, girl, you better get over there for that!!!

(PS You may also want to come over to my new blog, your state needs some defending. :P)