Monday, June 15, 2009

Numero Tres: Reviewed

All I can say is that if Pedro Andreas and Damien Crosse walked into my apartment to rape me, I would offer no resistance at all. I’d probably bake cookies for them. That said, let’s get to the review.

Businessman Francesco D’Macho comes home to his apartment dressed in a suit (what no underwear?) and goes straight to the bathroom for a shower, which was pretty hot. Meanwhile, Andreas has a short telephone call with Crosse, packs his machine gun into a camouflaged bag and then takes the Metro to meet up with him. Francesco relaxes on the couch in a white robe and watches some porn while playing with himself. The two villains meet up and enter the beautiful neighborhood that Francesco lives in. They walk up his stairs and just walk right into his place. (Does no one lock their doors???)

Andreas points the machine gun at Francesco’s head and orders him to suck on it (I suppose, since this is what happens.) while Crosse films. Summing up, Francesco is then forced to suck on everybody’s cock. At the end of part 1, Andreas, fueled by his lust, grabs Francesco’s arm and pulls him up to rape him.

Part 2 was way hotter for me because that is when Andreas really puts it to Francesco and actually fucks him. Andreas forces Francesco up against the edge of the tub and pushes his cock into him. Crosse stands on the tub edge and films while getting blown from time-to-time. So, we get both shots, one from the side and one from above, where Crosse has the camera. I liked Andreas’ forcefulness in this scene and the sound and image of the two bodies coming together was very hot. At one point during the filming the sound got louder and I was able to hear Andreas’ excited breathing. That was really a turn on.

Then came the DP scene. Crosse pretended to strangle Francesco and that was a good device. Andreas came up from behind and made the DP. I kept wondering if it hurt and if the noises Francesco made were from pain or pleasure. It would be easier for me to find the scene hot, if I knew that no one was unwillingly hurt. Though, I guess that is the entire point of sadism/masochism.

The orgasm scene was phenomenal and must be seen to be believed.

Andreas is certainly the best addition possible to Stag Homme Studios. He has an intensity in his face that translates to heat on screen that few others possess. It is an enviable commodity that will take him far and make him an asset to the Stag Homme team. Did I mention that he is also drop dead gorgeous?

Numero Tres is another stellar achievement for Stag Homme Studios. It brings together the best of their current star loaded stable of principals into a noir story that is believable, hot and tension producing. It thrills the senses and is highly sexualized. The camera work was great and direction was wonderful. The stills taken by Orlando Toro are amazing. I look forward to seeing much more from this exciting new trio.


Doug said...

I forgot to mention the breathing sounds. I loved that!

Sue said...

Uh huh! Me too!