Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ashton Kutcher's Ass!!!

From the Sword:

Ashton Kutcher has done a lot for us gays. He’s tweeted for our rights. He’s gotten his chest waxed on-camera. He’s put that freshly-waxed chest to work.

And now he’s gone even further for us — yup, he’s gotten naked. For his new film Spread with Anne Heche that opens next month, he plays, well, a hipster gigolo.

Now, the American version of the trailer is pretty tame. Sexy, sure. But does it show Ashton’s naked butt? Nope.

Fortunately, the French are a little less squeamish about showing hot boy booty, and in their version of the trailer (the movie is called Toy Boy in France) we get to see a whole lot of Ashton’s pink and surprisingly plump ass.

And, yes, I do have the nekkid screencaps. And the trailers. And an all-kinds-of-nekkid clip from the movie.

In theaters: August 14, 2009


Mechadude2001 said...

Damn, that's a NICE ass!

Thonnibg said...

Damn the second video is not available in my country:(

Cristiano Mancini said...

That's why Demi looks so young ! When you have such a stud at your disposal 24/7 ..honey I would look flawless !

Sue said...

Cristiano - LOL! Isn't she the lucky one!!!

Dillinger said...

ugh, he's totally lost cool points because of that roll. It has nothing to do with his ASS just my taste in movies and actors. Although he's rockin a great wardrobe in that movie.