Thursday, June 04, 2009

Barcelona Beaches

I walked down the beaches that line the Barcelona coast. This is what I saw. A small troop of segways steams ahead.

A play structure.

The Mapre Towers are a landmark.

The young man with the water bottle was quite attractive.

Graffiti near the beach.

A man with his German Shepherd Dog sits at a beach front cafe.

This young lady's dog is named Zeus.

Windsurfers walk the board home after a great day out. Barcelona is terrific for windsurfing and sailing.

A lovely young mother and her twin daughters allowed me to take her photograph.

This young man had lost his father when he was 12 years old and got these tattoos to memorialize him. Note the cute friend in the background.

Some small fish that I might paint at a later date.

A proud fisherman and his catch.

Another proud fisherman and his catch.

This attractive young rollerblader posed for me with his dog Mica.

The catch of the day. Maybe the subject of a painting?

This beautiful Andalusian young man is totally Spanish and illustrates the Norwegian influence in genetic make up. His piercing blue eyes did not show up in the photo as I would have liked.


Thonnibg said...

Wow Sue,you got to meet all the people on the beach.How communicative and friendly you are!

Great photos.I love Barcelona.

Doug said...

Lovely photos, Sue. I guess tiny Speedos were out of season?

Sue said...

Toni - You lose all your shyness when you sell books door-to-door. :)

Doug - Maybe, but the nude beaches compensated for that! Thanks guys!

Stan said...

Great pics. I always think of Martin Mazza somehow when I here of or read of Barcelona. I thought the same as Doug and imagined men in skimpy Speedos too. It sure is sunny there though unlike our cool and cloudy season here so far.

Anonymous said...

I've just now caught up on your Spain posts and I have to say everyone looks fabulous, especially the happy grooms but especially-er you, Sue.

My friends are thisclose to deciding to go to Barcelon and Madrid for their 30th birthdays in November. If we go, I'll be asking you for tips.

Sue said...

Stan - The weather is gorgeous there!!!

Dennis - They should absolutely go! I would move there in a flash and I have been to many European countries. Spain is the best as far as nightlife and adult things to do.

YvesPaul said...

Choking 4 chickens at a time? It sure fit the porn star theme. Oh and I'm moving to Barcelona. So many cute guys everywhere.

Sue said...

LOL! Madrid has even more gorgeous men, Paul! I just didn't get that many photos. You would love Madrid!

Cristiano Mancini said...

I LOVE your photos selection ! You just got the spanish fever ! Amazing