Sunday, June 07, 2009

Paul Wagner - New Hot House Exclusive

Meet Paul Wagner. I met him not so long ago in Madrid (at a certain wedding) and had no idea that he was a porn star. But he is a recently signed Hot House exclusive. This is what he looked like when I met him:


Here he is discussing his first film with the execs at Hot House:

You can see some really fucking hot photos of him at Attempted Entertainment! Tell Toni I sent you.


Thonnibg said...

Sigh Paul is so seet and sexy at the same time!And he is a very nice guy.But you know that better:)

Stan said...

HotHouse hit the jackpot with Paul. Very handsome fellow.

Herodotus said...

UmmmUmmmGOOD! Mr. Wagner made 7 films for Sean Cody as "Barry".From what I've seen he is versatile, easy going and very HOT!

gpcrush said...

Thank you for posting on him.

I feel all proud. I must tell him. "Look baby people are talking about you!!!"

I love it!

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Gef Smith said...

Paul Wagner has been such a fantastic asset for Hot House.
His masculine beauty is hot hot hot!

Grrrr :)