Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Spainish Country Wedding

We decided to come to Spain and Madrid for one main reason, and that was to see Francesco and Damien get married in the Spanish countryside. So without further ado, here is the post you have all been patiently waiting for. (Sean's photos)

We were all to meet at the Tribunal Metro station in the Chueca area of Madrid, where many relatives and friends of the wedding couple were staying. Sean and I got there first, and then Cristiano arrived. The only other person I knew was Ross Hurston, who you can just see, if you enlarge the photo.

Finally, Cristiano and I decided to mingle a bit.

Sean got this great photo of Marco, who is from Milan and Jannik who is from Estonia. They now live in London. They are posing with Paul Wagner and Ross.

The bus drove us about half an hour outside of Madrid into the country where it had just rained. It turned down a dirt road and the driver was wary of getting stuck in the mud. He wanted to stop and let us all off to walk the rest of the way to the finca. Well, the ladies were having none of that! Here, Francesco's uncle makes a stink with the driver. Other relatives gave him a hard time too and he eventually drove us most of the way there.

Here you can see the guests picking their way through the last few feet of mud to the patio.

Here we are waiting on the patio of the finca for things to start. See my new black fedora? I bought it in Madrid. Isn't it hot? Doesn't it match my Fendi suit?

Still waiting.

The interior of the tent where the festivities will occur.

A group shot of the gorgeous men in front of the table with goodies. Some of the goodies included cannolis imported from Milan. Also there were fresh figs, ripe enough to be split with your fingers. Marco and I shared a cannoli and ate a fig each. We were in heaven!

Me posing with Jannik. He was sweeter than honey.

The ceremony begins! It is so exciting! Here comes Francesco with his mom!

Oh, he is going to kiss her, how sweet is that! Doesn't his suit look great? Cristiano provided the suits and shoes and they looked SHARP!

And right behind Francesco, here comes Damien and his mom! Oh god, I just love weddings!

Everyone is so excited! I know I am!

Here is Francesco with the "priest".

Francesco reads his vows, which were quite touching.

Then Damien reads his vows and Francesco cries! I have never seen him so emotional. He stayed that way for the rest of the evening.

A close up of Francesco crying.

Now all smiles again, because it is a happy occasion. Look at the expression on Damien's face. He is so proud that he is marrying Francesco.

The rings. Damien actually dropped his!

(My photo)

Ross watches the ceremony.

It's official! They are wed! Time to party!

Pedro Andreas, Francesco, and Orlando Toro watch a speaker. Pedro was Francesco's best man. After the ceremony, family members and friends got up to speak about the couple. It was really charming to watch and some of the speakers gave very emotional and meaningful speeches.

Damien's mom spoke and was really funny. She is wearing a traditional Spanish wrap.

The moms hugging.

The newly weds mugging for the camera.

A toast!

All the guapo hermanos and Francesco's sister. Hey, who is that wearing my hat?

A group shot.

Me with the newly weds. I was over the moon for them.

Francesco, Adriano Toledo, me and Damien. Adriano looks so young in person.

Me with Ross.

(The following photos are mine.)

This kiss was very anticipated and well appreciated by all in attendance.

A sword was used to cut the wedding cake.

The happy couple cut the wedding cake.

Francesco, Orlando and Pedro by the cake.

Francesco right before he feeds the cake to Damien. I wished they were sloppier than they were, but you can't have everything.

Me with Pedro. Photo courtesy of Andreas New Life. The person whose job it was to let me know it was time to fluff my hair and refresh my lipstick is fired.

Me and Francesco's friend Carlos who works as a designer for a local architectural firm. I had to tickle him to get him to smile. He was very ticklish.

The entire wedding party boarded the bus back to Tribunal Metro station. We had to walk through the mud and all of us got our shoes dirty, even Ross' white ones.

So, that was it kids! Hope you enjoyed the photos.


Cristiano Mancini said...

Amazing review Sue, it was like re-living that lovely evening allover again ! What a great experience ! I'm glad we had the opportunity to live it together. We'll remember for ever ..

Sue said...

I too will cherish the memory of it and you were part of it Cristiano! Thanks for being there!

Doug said...

Great batch of photos and wonderful review. Oh, the stories that fedora could tell!!!! I'm going to post a few photos on the blog.

Sue said...

If we only knew, Doug, if we only knew...

Go right ahead and use the photos!

Thanks for commenting!

Thonnibg said...

I don`t what to tell.The photos say it all!!
What an unforgettable night!
Thanks for the post,Sue.I feel as if I was there.

Sue said...

That's just great Toni! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

what about the flamenco dancers and the spanish guitars!?

Sue said...

I'm not sure we got photos of those, but I'll enquire for you.

Sue said...

Yes, we have some, but she is not dancing.

Sue said...

Sean will sort through and edit them and I will add them to the post some time today. :)

We do plan on sending a disk with all the photos eventually.

YvesPaul said...

Great pics, and so many handsome Spanish gentlemen.

Stan said...

Great pics and narative Sue. I thought you looked great in the Fendi suit (nice color) and the fedora was a nice touch. I knew all the hot men are over there in Europe these pics confirm it. It's so cool that Spain is progressive enough to recognize same sex marriages. Best wishes to the Francesco and Damien.

Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWW BLESS! It looks like it was a wonderful occasion, yay for them! And great pics Sue:)

kathrin said...

Sue, I love your blog :)

Sue said...

Paul & Stan - the men!!! Can we talk!!! OMG! How gorgeous are the men in Madrid?!?!? HOT MEN ABOUND!! I took other photos to prove it but it is a bit tough to be inconspicuous about that. I went to a nude beach, and happened upon a hottie in the open shower. There was no way to get a photo. :(

Kathrin - Thanks for the compliment and comment!

Nathan808 said...

Oh Sue. Thank you so much for this wonderful review. I've been anticipating this since you came back from the beautiful wedding. I'm so happy you got such a big welcome from Pedro. And also to be welcomed by all the gorgeous people in the room, It must've felt like heaven :)

Your outfit is fabulous and it definitely matches with your fedora. Great story telling on the newly weds and again, you made us readers smile. Thank you Sue :)

Damien said flamenco dancers? I cant wait to see that! Did you dance as well?

Sue said...

Nathan - Thank you so much for your comment and all the compliments! I loved the attention from all of the gorgeous guys!!! Who wouldn't??? It was a dream come true to meet Pedro and Ross. I feel kind of like Cinderella after the big ball. What is left for me to do in life now that I have met all the hot porn stars I admire most??? (Only Sagat is left.) I danced a bit to the modern music that played, but not the flamenco.

Jambrea said...

Thank you so much for sharing this pictures. What a lovely wedding! :) I'm glad you had a blast!!!

Sue said...

Thanks Jambrea!

Rob Bartell said...

Absolutely beautiful story and pictures. How fortunate that you could attend Sue!

And love the ones at the reception and the pics above that you took at the zoo.

What a wonderful adventure! :)

joyroett said...

The pics and recap were wonderful Sue. It must have been so exciting to be there! Thanks for sharing :)