Saturday, June 20, 2009

In the Brig - Ross Hurston & Carioca

From Butch Dixon:

Ross Hurston is a handsome hunk of a soldier who finds himself in jail in a foreign country. And the sergeant who looks after this place has a special way of treating his prisoners. Wait until you see his thick, black stick and how he manhandles this hairy soldier.

Good-looking soldier Ross Hurston finds himself in quite the predicament. He's been captured and he's in the brig and he's not on home territory. There's no Geneva Convention in Carioca's jail, and he'll do whatever he wants to his prisoners. Ross Hurston is sitting in a chair when Carioca enters the cell. The sergeant intimidates him with a long club and spits in Hurston's face, calling him a bastard. After pacing around his prisoner, Carioca grabs Hurston in a head lock and plants a hard, wet kiss on him, all the while he's thumping Ross's crotch with his fist. The soldier tries to cry out in pain, but his mouth is full of the sergeant's tongue. After a couple more kisses, Carioca grabs Hurston by the back on the neck and tries pushing him to his knees. Hurston knows what's coming and fights back, but in the meantime he loses his shirt. What a beautifully strong and hairy torso. When the sergeant presses Hurston's face into his crotch the soldier is conflicted – should he dive in and fish out this big piece of meat or continue to fight off the sergeant's advances. When Hurston finally sees Carioca's huge, fat dick, he can't wait to get that thick fucker down his throat. But Carioca doesn't give it up so easily. He rams his huge dick down Hurston's throat and gags him with it. But the harder he is, the more Hurston wants it. By the time the sergeant has Hurston pressed against the bunk bed, Hurston is arching his ass in the air and begging: "Fuck it out of me!! Come on, fuck me!" And that's exactly what Carioca does, but not until he fucks Hurston's ass with his tongue. If you like it long, hard, and rough, you're going to love this jailhouse, military fuck scene. God, I can still smell the stink of their sweat and it's getting me hard. Don't forget to check out In the Brig's photo gallery. And Ross Hurston in the Shower is a hot solo gallery featuring this sexy hunk, and you can see more of Carioca's fat dick in Tall Dark & Handsome.

See the free preview here.

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