Monday, June 22, 2009

Nick Moretti Recovering from Shoulder Surgery

Nick Moretti had arthroscopic surgery for the second time on is left shoulder last Thursday and here he is post op yesterday. The contraption on his shoulder is a cooler to help with pain and not a new device for bound gods.

He was rather upset that they shaved half of his chest. Of course he shaved the other half, which you can see of photo of at his blog.


Stan said...

Even wounded. Nick still looks hot as hell!
Get well soon Nick.

Sue said...

I know - Doesn't it make you want to run down to FL and nurse him back to health Stan???

Stan said...

Hell yeah! And with this weather here like it is? In a NY minute!

Dillinger said...

Haha it makes his arm look robotic.
Although I'm sure his balls are saying thank you for shoulder surgery. They can take some down time to breath.