Monday, June 15, 2009

Numero Tres

From Damien Crosse's blog:

Stag Homme Studios has recently added Pedro Andreas as part of the Stag Homme creative team. Andreas will be involved in casting, marketing as well as directing. He will also be one of the principal Stag Homme performers.

"We are very excited to have Andreas as part part of the creative team since he has a great amount of experience working for one of the best European studios. We are also very grateful that he will be part of Stag Homme in front of the camera, since Andreas is without a doubt one of the sexiest male peformers this industry has to offer. The man is THE ideal of masculine beauty."

Stag Homme Studios presents Pedro Andreas with Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse in "Numero Tres", a dark sensual hardcore fuck film. In his Stag Homme debut Andreas is intoxicating as a sadist, making love to his rifle with intense passion and romanticism. Crosse, armed with a camera to film all their devious action, joins up with Andreas for some dark sex with their unsuspecting victim, D'Macho. "Numero Tres" is fresh, poetic and visually stunning. It contains double penetration, double oral cumshots and even a double orgasm.

Hmm. Not too bad. I'd let him in!

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