Friday, August 07, 2009

Vote for Samuel Colt Man of the Year

From Samuel Colt's blog:

I was very honored to hear this week that I am one of the nominees for the Men Magazine "Man of the Year". But to become THE Man of the Year, I need your help!

Please go to this page on the Men Magazine website and vote for #36, Samuel Colt.

Then, let him know you voted for him and he promises "a free blow job for every vote"!!!!!!!

Here he shows us his dominance as he brutalizes Luke Riley in Naked Combat:

Video source: Attempted Entertainment


Thonnibg said...

Mhm someone`s trying to bribe us;)Ah that fox Sam!hehehe

Stan said...

I'd be more than willing and humbled to suck HIS cock...gotta go vote now.

Pick said...

If he REALLY wants my vote, he's gonna have to come up here, grab me and do nasty things to me. (Evil Grin) Wouldn't mind being kidnapped by him for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

that man makes me wet and hard and all sorts of hot tranny mess grrrr!

Sue said...

Well then, you'd better vote for him Tom!

Samuel Colt said...

Thanks for the votes, guys! And thanks for reposting this Sue!

Samuel Colt

Jonasy said...

I just voted for him. Where do I sign up for a blow job?