Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Here Come the Brides! The Wedding is Here!

Today, Stag TV released the video of Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse's wedding in Spain! From Stag Homme Studios:

Stag TV invites you in for an exclusive look into Francesco and Damien’s wedding in a country house just outside Madrid. You get the entire wedding experience: the preparation for the wedding, the exchange of vows and rings, stomping on the wine glasses, flamenco dancing, the cutting of the cake and a lot of emotions. You’ll also get to see some familiar faces at the wedding like Ross Hurston, Pedro Andreas, Orlando Toro and Paul Wagner.

Yours truly was there, as was good friend Cristiano, and I can say is that the video tells no lies! That is what it was like! We were all so happy for the newlyweds and the video really shows that. Our excitement was palpable. We were so thrilled, that we literally mobbed them with our hugs after the ceremony. I managed to say my first thoughts to Damien, but when faced with Francesco, I was speechless; I was so happy for him. What an honor just to be there in Spain, a witness to this grand event!

You get to see Damien drop the ring!!! I bet he'll never forget that moment! Most of all, you get to hear their vows to each other and I was totally impressed when I heard Francesco's but then I heard Damien's that made Francesco cry, as well as others in the audience. His vow sure was powerful, moving and quite poetic. They are really suited to each other and there is no better way to put it. They fit together like gear teeth in a finely made Swiss watch. They touch each other intimately on both an emotional and physical level but working together to create something beautiful and constructive. What comes out is pure love. That is what I saw at their wedding.

You get to see how restrained they were with cutting the cake. It was as if they didn't want to get their brand new suits dirty. Though they did respond to the audience with their kiss!

Wasn't Ross funny in his tribute to them?

So head on over to StagHommeStudios.com to see it! Here is the preview:


Cristiano Mancini said...

I cried again watching the video. We were all very happy and gorgeous ! Defenetly a special moment of what they call " the time of your life " !

Sue said...

Absolutely Cristiano! I will never forget it and I am so glad that you were there to share it with me!

David Mason said...

Ya know if I had the nerve Id totally move to Spain too. i think they made the right choice and I give them credit for doing it. After being in Madrid last month and experiencing the magic that is spain+ the true equality they have there I completely agree with them and think its great they moved there. Im really disappointed in New York of all places for not having equal rights, it sucks and its gross.

Sue said...

I felt the magic in Madrid also; it is a true freedom for gays and everyone there. It is quite unbelievable and terrific. Sean and I have talked about moving to Spain and we might just do it one of these days. Just never say never Dave. Someday, you might find the nerve to be truly happy and it will be in Spain.

They are so lucky to be there and together!

Thonnibg said...

Very,very moving!
That video just says it all!You guys are lucky you were there!I`m happy for you!

Stan said...

I wish the both of them all the very best!

Sue said...

Toni - it felt like a dream come true to be there!

Stan - Thanks for your best wishes to the happy couple!

Jambrea said...

Every time I see this clip I smile. They look so good together and so happy. I'm VERY happy for them. What an exciting time. I'm glad you could be there Sue. :)