Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Only at:
I really like this one. How can anyone be this gorgeous? Le sigh.


YvesPaul said...

Wow, this is the best of his videos yet. It's gorgeous!

Ray Avito said...

I do love his creativity and I don't know if I was way too involved or what, but I was holding my breath hoping he didn't suffocate. Very nice clip!

Jambrea said...

Sue...I have no idea, but I just want to bite his ass. It's like...perfect! lol Great vid. Thanks for sharing. :)

Thonnibg said...

His pretty face didn`t deserve that!:)

Sue said...

Thanks everyone for great comments!

Jambrea - I think many people can relate to how you feel!

Ray - you are not alone! I enjoyed watching him put the tape on. He was so creative with it! He added it as if it were make-up; highlighting his features.