Monday, August 03, 2009

On the Road Again

Well so, my mom and I are heading North to visit our French and English Canadian relatives in New Brunswick, Canada. She will be taking the Ferry from Orient Point, Long Island to New London, Connecticut, where I will meet her and then we will drive to her friend's house in Maine.

The next day, we will cross into Canada at Houlton and drive from there to Campbellton, New Brunswick, which is her birthplace. Her father was a French Canadian chef [who died when she was a toddler] and her mother was English Canadian [and died from emphsema from smoking at age 54]. There, our French Canadian relatives will take us on a tour and drive us to the town of Percé in Quebec along the Chaleur Bay to see the famous rock. I am hoping that I can snorkel there. Next we will go to Caraquet where we will attend the festival acadien which takes place from August 1 - 15.

Finally, we head South to visit my English Canadian relatives in Moncton. On our way home, if mom and I are up to it, we may get together with Pick, who has mentioned that he would be willing to meet up with us on the Bay of Fundy someplace since that is the route we will be taking home and he lives in Nova Scotia. We plan to stop in Maine again on our way home.

This means, I will be away from my computer for about 2 weeks and there will be no posts during the time between August 8th - 22nd. But, I will take photos so that I have tons of stuff to post when I get back and hopefully, things to paint! It is a new adventure and I am excited about it! Wish me well! I leave on Saturday!


Stan said...

You and your Mom must get along well. I couldn't take being in the car that long with my 90 year Dad. UGH! I'd have to be medicated. He drives me nuts! Criticizing my driving, I can't run the A/C, along with a list of other things he does that are nerve wracking. It's bad enough taking him grocery shopping.
I hope you have a safe and pleasant trip.

Pick said...

Looking forward to seeing you Sue. I think you're going to have a lovely trip ... the Moncton part kinda sucks, so I hope those relatives make up for it in personality and hospitality but the rest will be great!

I take it you don't have a laptop computer to take with you??? Or else it's staying with your hubby at home.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather to come by the time you get here. We're certainly owed some good weather by now. Seven, count 'em (7) days with SOME sun in them in July. I'm sure we'll do better for you than that in August.

I don't know the French shore at all, so I"m looking forward to your posts and pix as much as all your other readers when you get back.

YvesPaul said...

Sounds like a fun trip, have fun. You'll be sorely missed. Oh, don't forget to take some pictures. :)

Peter said...

Sue, enjoy your time off in the country with your Mum. Of course you will be missed, but who knows... maybe you can sneak behind a computer from time to time for a short update. *wink*

P said...

La vida es esto. Prestémosle atención a los
detalles. Al calorcito humeante del pis, a sacar la basura, a viajar apretados
en colectivo. Si no disfrutamos eso, ¿qué nos queda?

Sue said...

Stan - since I almost died, my mom told me that times would be easier between us since it never occurred to her that I could predecease her. She has kept her word and now I can stand her for about a week. Two weeks will be stretching it though. Pray for me.

Pick - I hope we are not too weary of traveling and we can get together.

Too few of my relatives have internet for it to be worth bringing the laptop, and my mom warns me that they will all be offended by gay porn. I'm sure you understand that. :\

The French coast is tremendously beautiful! I've seen it before.

Paul - camera at the ready! Thanks!

Peter - Managed to sneak behind one in Spain! Hope to have a good time!

P - No habla Espanol - but thanks for your good wishes anyhow! I think you said life is what it is, dont' worry about the details. I will try to have fun! It is one big adventure this life is!

Thonnibg said...

Two weeks?Wow that`s plenty of time without Sue!:)You`ll be very missed!
Have a great time in Canada!

Sue said...

Thanks Toni!

Cristiano Mancini said...

Have a safe trip Sue ! I'm leaving tonight for Copenahgen where my parents will join me for a cruise to the Baltic Sea . We'll touch base when we both come back !

Sue said...

Bon voyage amore! I like the sound of you trip a bit more than mine! A bien tot!

dennis-kirk said...

Have a great trip, Sue!

Sue said...

Thanks Dennis!

Anonymous said...

You enjoy the Maritimes and Quebec
If you see someone standing on
a roof and waving from far far away
Manitoba, its me.

Your Canadian Prairie friend Jim

Doug said...

Have a great trip, Sue!

Sue said...

I'll be looking West towards the prairies for ya Jim!

Thanks Doug!