Monday, August 24, 2009

Focus / Refocus: A 'Who Done It' with SEX!

Porn star Dario's stalker shows up at his workplace

From Steve Cruz' blog:

'Focus' and 'Refocus' is a porn noir. And like all noirs, this crime story has a hero, a bad guy and traditionally a 'femme fatale', the tragic obsession at the center of the drama. That's me! Only we call my character the 'homme fatale' or the 'homo-fatale' when were joking around on the set! I play Dario Stefano, a porn star and an escort who's mixed up in a bad scene. His buddies are being murdered one by one... Joe Wilder played by newcomer Cole Streets (who debuted in my 3rd directing gig 'XXX' -Mustang), he starts uncovering the clues that lead him to Dario. I even hired an acting coach to prepare for the dialogue.

Dario fucks him to get rid of him

At this point in the story my character Dario Stefano, a well known porn star/hustler... he's mixed up in bad circumstances. A private sex tape has been leaked on the internet of him and his fuck buddies... now mysteriously one by one, his buddies end up dead. Cole Streets plays the lead character in the story- Joe Wilder, a sex obsessed porn fanatic who's favorite porn star is yours truly. He puts two and two together and tracks me down at work on the set. Some say stalkers are the best sex... until...

My three way is with legendary
Ricky Sinz, and my pick for 2010 awards season Best Newcomer (if not performer of the year) Adam Killian! Its packed with all the action you'd expect from these 2! And its a very different scene... shot in a different style with a spontaneous flavor. It was nice to get back in front of the camera for a big production again and be directed rather than call all the shots.

Oh no! Adam Killian is killed!

And things don't look too good for Ricky Sinz either!

Dario is hired out for a private party. A group scene with his rich patrons played by Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho, Wilfried Knight and Angelo Marconi. As Dario says... "These rich bitches are real douche bags but they have big dicks and more important— deep pockets!"

Wow, an orgy with Francesco and Damien... a veritable dream come true!

An R rated version of the story will be released independently from the hard core version.

'Focus/Refocus' hits the shelves in January 2010.

I'll tell you, January cannot come soon enough for me!

Guesses as to who did it can begin now! I want to know who masterminded this story!


Stan said...

What a cast! I've been reading about this shoot. This whole thing sounds and looks awesome! Just in time to warm things up in January.

gpcrush said...


In the second photo from the bottom, Cole Streets isn't holding down a bloody Ricky Sinz, but Raging Stallion exclusive, Ryan Raz. :@)

Ryan Raz's blog

Cole Streets was also in a hot threesome with Bruno Bond and Logan McCree in The Visitor, Raging Stallion's hot summer release.

I agree with Stan. The cast is fantastic. Focus/Refocus is certain to warm us up on those cold January nights!

Can't wait!

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Ray Avito said...

This seems hot (hunks in peril!). I'm thinking it must be very well acted also, since they are releasing an R rated version.