Saturday, August 22, 2009

Casting : Nando; Reviewed

From StagHomme Studios:

Porn newbie Nando, a sexy Argentine bottom with a swimmer´s build, gets quite an abusive pounding from Francesco as part of the casting process. You will not find any kissing or dick sucking in this feature, just good old-fashioned hard fucking from beginning to end. Will Nando be able to take it and make the the cut? See for yourself.

All I can say is what a fine welcome home it is to see my porn crush, Francesco D'Macho, pounding the shit out of a smooth skinned, lithe bottom boy, who was more than willing. This is what I love to see; Francesco all business like and focused on what he is doing, pushing the boy around to keep him in the correct position for perfect fuckability. Head and shoulders down, arms held behind his back, ass closer on the arm of the couch, leg up against the wall, bent over further; as if the boy was his marionette and he the puppeteer. Isn't it all our dreams to be controlled like that by a huge powerful man like Francesco? I know it is mine!

Then, see his cock! And the wonderful shots from underneath! I think Doug has described these to perfection already.

The total image of the sexual god is Francesco D'Macho personified in this film. No other comment is necessary.



Doug said...

thanks for the mention, Sue. Welcome home!

Sue said...

It is really great to be home again! Thanks Doug! :)

Mechadude2001 said...

HOT! The bodies, the fucking, the sex sounds, even the music! Hot!

Sue said...

I agree Mechadude!