Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dave & Happy SIU Customer

Dave Mason recently posted on his blog that his small NYC apartment was getting cramped with his eclectic collection of 'stuff'. Thus, he was giving away some of his used high top sneakers. He posted two photographs of himself in which he exposed his hairy chest with said size 12 sneakers.

A fan contacted him and arranged to pay for shipment within an hour!

Sometimes I wish giving away my used crap was this easy. Sigh. Here are more photographs of Dave for his fans:

Here is a happy Slick It Up customer in the lederhosen:

Isn't he cute?


David Mason said...

Tee-hee he, its funny you noticed the hairy chest. I didnt know it was going to be a "reveal" :) Thanks again Sue!!!

Stan said...

That photo of David in the infinity pool is awesome! Yes that customer sure is a cutie alright.

Ray Avito said...

I vote Dave should keep the stuffed birdy. It is un-part-with-able.

Check those sexy lederhosen!! Love!

Caligula Sanchez said...

God, I gotta get those lederhosen

Sue said...

Ray, Dave is keeping the stuffed birdies. They cost a fortune.

Caligula - go for the lederhosen!

sobehotfun said...

Dave is a snack!

Tom Gaylord said...

I'm linking to the dude with the speakers STAT! lol HAWT