Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Big Brother 11 - Troubled Times!

Read all about it here.


Stan said...

This was all captured on Big Brother After Dark the other night. Russell accused Chima of offering him a blow job and said that's all she was good for. That's what really set her off.
Kevin really stood up to Ronnie cussing him out about all his lying. Every other word was cocksucker and motherfucker so the true anger and intensity could never be broadcast on CBS.
Last night everyone wasn't talking to Russell except Jeff and Jordan. It seems inevitable that Ronnie is going home since Jessie and Natalie can't get Michele's vote.

NSFW said...

Hoping that Jeff uses the "Koop-Dee-Tatt" to save Russell, unless of course Russell is awarded a P.O.V. save. Not sure if I can watch the show without Russell there to bulge my 501's ...damn I'd like to backdoor that hunk!