Thursday, August 06, 2009

Benoȋt Prévot's Latest Work

Benoȋt isn't saying who the commission was for. Click to enlarge.

All I can say is that the man is a true artist. Everything looks so perfect and finished. I adore the colors and the attention to details! One can feel the life in the man and the dog, as well as the creature sneaking out behind the cactus in the background. Look at the subtle expression on the man's face; is it trepidation, worry, fear? Is the hound leading him to safety or peril? Does the creature in the background threaten them? Overall, the drawing is so intriguing! I'm just dying to know more!


David Mason said...

I commissioned it for Tim. I requested the Chupacabra be put in the background because there is some mystery creature out in the desert and it ripped down this wall and left claw marks, maybe a mountain lion? i prefer chupacabra. Its Tims new dog. I asked Benoit to do it as a Thank you to Tim for the pool and desert shoots we did :) Glad you like it :)

Sue said...

Aren't you nice! Than for the explanation! Chupacabra! Cool!

Anonymous said...

Benoit Prevot is in my opinion Sue
a very unique artist. All his works
bring back a sense of Art Deco, the 1920s/30s, even this piece which as you state makes you look into the picture
and wonder what it means and draw conclusions right or wrong.

If I had the money he is definately a artist I would commission for a work.

Your Prairie Friend Jim

Stan said...

I love it too. The artist is extremely talented.

LUCIEN said...

I have a piece of his called CHAINED TETON with a PREVOT Blonde boy with his nipple pierced and the chain tied to it -which is then held in his mouth - It is my favorite of all works and I awake to it every morning over my bed.