Friday, August 07, 2009

NEW Friday Fantasy Kamchatka Assignment - Part 13


As we got close to camp, I couldn’t wait to get there. It was like a home-coming. But Yuri was lagging behind. I headed back to help him and so did Volchuk. We let him put his long arms over our shoulders and we took his weight as he moved his feet. But he was determined to take the last few steps on his own as we came over the last hillock. So we strode into camp, the four of us, Kirill, Yuri, Volchuk and I.

We were greeted by Pavel, Mr. Butterfly and a handsome young man that I had not met. Where was Aleksei?

“Welcome back strangers!” said a beaming Kirill. “Dr. Siderov, please get some Vodka so that we may celebrate the return of Yuri and introduce our new team member.”

Dr. Pavel Siderov

We all said hi back and smiled. Pavel ducked into one of the tents to comply with Kirill’s command. We all stood around looking at our feet in a confused manner, while Mr. Butterfly tried to communicate something to me with his eyes, but failed.

Pavel returned with a sparkling brand new full bottle of vodka and handed it to Kirill. Kirill broke the seal, and unscrewed the top, and said the following: “Welcome back to us Yuri!” Everyone cheered and applauded that sentiment. “Don’t ever think of leaving us again!” We all laughed at that. He then took a big swig and passed the bottle around and everyone took a sip or more, as per their inclination. Well, I only took a sip.

Borya Bannikov

Then he said “We welcome our newest team member, Borya Bannikov, who is a post doctoral student of volcanology. He will replace Aleksei who was called home suddenly. We are so glad that he was available at a moment’s notice. Thank you for joining us Borya! We are honored to have someone of your experience join our expedition.”

“And I am honored to join this esteemed team!” piped Borya. We all cheered. Kirill took another swig of vodka and passed the bottle around again. After that last toast of vodka on an empty stomach and with his system already compromised, Yuri seemed a bit dazed and was teetering. Suddenly he went into a swoon towards Borya. Borya caught him as if he were nothing but a rag doll and hefted him up into his arms as if he weighed nothing. Yuri was completely dead weight and just sagged in Borya’s well muscled arms.


“Um, which tent does this one belong in?” said Borya?

“That one,” answered Volchuk, pointing to the middle one. “Give him some water, and food when he is able to take it, if you don’t mind Borya,” I added. Borya easily carried him to the tent and put him in there. We could hear him speaking to Yuri in hushed tones, saying things like “Poor little baby… have you had a hard time? You just need a little tender loving care. I know. Borya knows what you need…”

Mr. Butterfly, Volchuk and I rolled our eyes. “It would seem that Yuri has found a new nurse.” said I.


Volchuk and I went over to talk to Mr. Butterfly while Kirill and Pavel went about their own business. Volchuk gave Mr. Butterfly a quick kiss and said “Missed you.” To which Mr. Butterfly responded “Missed you more!” They looked into each other’s eyes for an extended moment before I had had enough and coughed to break it up.

“I’ve got questions.” Mr. Butterfly gave me a blank look when I said that. “What is the real reason

that Alexsei was sent home?”

“Damned if I know. He was already gone by the time I had returned to camp with the supplies cart,” replied Mr. Butterfly.

“You don’t believe that he was called away suddenly?” asked Volchuk.

“No.” Mr. Butterfly and I said simultaneously.

“Not for a minute,” said I. Mr. Butterfly nodded his head in agreement. “It just doesn’t make any sense. Something must have happened for him to be sent away so suddenly and I intend to find out what it was.” I strode off to the tent that Kirill had just entered.

I ducked as I entered the tent. Kirill was there, alone, repairing some non-descript instrument used for something for volcanology, a subject I really knew very little about.


“Kirill,” I started.

“Yes,” he replied. “What can I do for you Dr. Fairview?”

“Please tell me the real reason you sent Alexsei home.”

“I have told you already. He was called home suddenly for a personal emergency. You have no need to know more than that.”

“I do not for a moment believe that story. I want to know the truth.”

“Why? So you can continue your sexual dalliance until the end of the trip? Because that is all it was you know. How will you explain that to your husband-to-be when you return? What was his name again?”

This statement from Kirill just made me furious. “You have a lot of nerve talking to me like that Kirill! Just who the hell do you think you are?”

“I may not have the authority to talk to you of these matters, but someone needs to. I am someone who cares about you.”

“Bullshit Kirill. Bullshit!” I knew I was not going to get anywhere with Kirill as far as finding out why he sent Aleksei home. I had too much at stake in the issue and I had already lost control of my emotions. I left the tent immediately. I needed time to think and sort things out. There had to be something I was missing. Was it possible Alexsei was sent home to end my affair with him early? No, that would not rise to the level of sending someone home. It would have to be more serious than that.

I grabbed my towel and headed for the hot spring, jogging there to clear my head. When I arrived, Borya, Volchuk and Mr. Butterfly were there. Borya and Volchuk were in the water, but all of them were talking about Borya’s background. They all welcomed me and I let them continue their discussion.


It seems that Borya was in Alexsei’s class and scored higher on all exams, they were 1 and 2 in the class respectively, and was initially selected to come on this trip. However, since Alexsei had a known sports figure in his family, Vasiliy Alekseyev, that took precedence in Russia and he was selected. But, Borya was resigned to this unfairness as a Russian way of life and was not disappointed at all. Then he pointed out, that after all, he was here now and Alexsei was not!

I stripped quickly to take my turn in the hot spring. Borya did not spare me more than a glance. God, what a waste! Another gorgeous man confirmed as gay!

Mr. Buttterfly asked if I got any information out of Kirill and I said that I didn’t. We all shook our heads at that. We all returned to camp together, a camaraderie having formed already. Hot springs and nudity will do that for you.

I must say that I was not pleased with the new sleeping arrangements at all. I was to sleep with Kirill and Pavel on either side of me. I was not a happy camper about that. But, in the “gay” tent, a contented Volchuk held Mr. Butterfly close all night and recovered Yuri now had Borya to keep him company.

Borya got to nurture Yuri to his heart’s content! He held him tight to his ample chest and stroked his hair crooning to him “My poor Yuri! What happened to you to make you drink that evil woman’s urine? Please promise Borya you will not do that again! Do not leave Borya again! I could not stand it! Stay here with Borya…” He went on and on like that ad nauseum.

Yuri felt total bliss with all this adoration from the Adonis Borya. He would have had an erection, had he any energy at all. But he was so diminished physically, that he was unable to sustain one. But just wait, he thought. Give him until tomorrow night! Then we’d see! He would show Borya a real man! He could not wait to plow those twin globes of Borya’s!

Photo source Borya: Gods Amongst Men

Photo source Pavel: GregoryNYC

[Please let me know if are reading and enjoying my fantasies. They require a lot of work and time and if you are not, I will not bother.]


Thonnibg said...

Mhm I`m curious what`s going to happen to Borya(and his twin globes:)He`s just irresistable!

Sue said...

Thanks Toni! We'll just have to wait and see...

Ray Avito said...

Check out Kirill, all judgmental! His stonewalling is only making me want to know even more why he shipped Alexsei out.

Borya doesn't waste any time!

Sue said...

Ah, but Ray, if you have been reading along you should already have figured out why Kirill sent Aleksei home. Because Pavel tried to kill Alexsei by pushing him into an active lava flow. Obviously, Pavel outranks Alexsei, so Alexsei had to be sent home. There were no witnesses, and it would be Alexsei's word against Pavel and Kirill's. Kirill had no choice in the matter at all. Sending Alexsei home was his only viable option. Got it?

Well, they are isolated and time is limited and the boys are so hot. This is what happens on many trips like this one, or so I hear. LOL! People pair up quickly. But perhaps it was lust at first sight?

Anonymous said...

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