Friday, October 03, 2008

NEW Friday Fantasy: Kamchatka Assignment Part 3

Part 2

I was in shock the whole way back and it was a complete blur. Pavel just held me and kept telling me it was going to be alright during the very bumpy tank ride back to our camp. When we arrived back at camp he hustled me, white faced, into a tent. Mr. Butterfly saw me and asked if I was okay.

“Oh, Sue is fine. Her papers are in order, but she is very jet lagged and it only just hit her when she was away and now she would like to sleep for a good long time.”

“May I see her?”


So Mr. Butterfly ducked into the tent to see me. “Are you okay?”

“Oh yeah, I’m just really tired suddenly; it’s jetlag I suppose. I feel like I need a good night’s sleep. So I am going to take a nap before dinner. Nighty-night Mr. Butterfly,” said I.

“See, I told you she was okay,” said Pavel when Mr. Butterfly emerged from the tent still looking rather suspicious.

Then Pavel ducked back into the tent. He sat beside me and spoke softly. “You have to report this rape.”


“Do I? This is a diplomatic mission. If I report it, the mission goes down the tubes. That is the way I see it. Now just go away and leave me alone.” But he persisted.

“But you think you are the only one affected. Perhaps this guard has raped other women, maybe even other American women.”

“What makes you think that Pavel?”

“The things he said to me… That I do not want to repeat.”

“What was it he said that made you spit at him?”

“I know I’d rather not tell you that.”

“Okay. I can figure that it was not flattering. Just tell me or it will bug me for the rest of my life.”

Pavel lowered his eyes and said “He said that my American slut needed pain to be turned on just like most American bitches.”

I shook my head. It was an awful thing to say. But then again it was heinous to rape somebody. “You know that I couldn’t help my body’s response to him, but I was violated.”

“I know that Sue.” Then he moved forward and gave me a hug. “I was there and heard you scream. I just wish I could have done more to protect you.” Then he sighed deeply and I could feel his pain and his shame at his own perceived impotence to prevent the attack.

“There was nothing either of us could do against that hulk of a man. We would have been injured if we tried to fight him off,” said I.

Our embrace deepened. I sniffled and began to cry on his shoulder, quietly. He held me through it. “So what is our plan from here?” he inquired, whispering.

“We will tell no one what has happened. I will not have our mission ruined on the very first day or ever for that matter.”

“Let me just say that I disagree, but am willing to go along for now. Now I suggest that you try to get some sleep and fell better.” I lay down to try just that. My twat hurt like the dickens so I fished through my bag for some aspirin and took them with some bottled water.

***** ***** *****


While I rested, Yuri, Mr. Butterfly and Volchuk hiked to a nearby native village and bought dried salmon and other supplies. While there they met with the local shamanic woman who was selling dried Amanita muscaria, or her urine which she bottled after eating it. Yuri was all for buying some, but Volchuk nixed the idea before he even had a chance to translate it for Mr. Butterfly.


Volchuk explained that the active ingredient, muscimol, is sometimes purified by the mushrooms first being eaten by a shaman to remove the worst of the toxic substances and then collecting the urine with the purified substance remaining. Mr. Butterfly knew about psilocybin mushrooms from his explorations in the Amazon and was generally aware that other hallucinogenic mushrooms existed, but never really anticipated running across them in Kamchatka. He was intrigued, of course from a scientific perspective only, and momentarily considered whether to side with Yuri on purchasing some urine. But Volchuk gave him a severe look and that ended the thought quickly. He would have to read up on what was available in journals to date on the matter.

Meanwhile, Kirill, Aleksei and Pavel completed setting up camp. A bit later, Mr. Butterfly and the two Russians returned from their hike. When they awakened me at dinner time there was nothing left for me to do but eat. I was famished and everyone seemed to have a hearty appetite. This was a big dinner since it was our first night together and we had some fresh supplies to enjoy. We had black caviar on dark bread, followed by cabbage wrapped beef that was delightfully spiced. Of course we drank Stolichnaya Vodka with our dinner.

During our pleasant conversation, Kirill mentioned that there was a small stream nearby to supply our water and a hot spring big enough for two to bathe at a time about a half of a mile to our north. I couldn’t wait to bathe in the hot spring and I mentioned it. Pavel said that he would go with me and that was fine with me. The days are really long in Kamchatka and we had plenty of daylight left to get there. I had been careful not to drink too much vodka so that I would be sober enough to make the hike. I just brought a towel and Pavel and I set off right after dinner.

It was a very scenic spot. I stripped off my clothes. It certainly wasn’t anything Pavel hadn’t seen before and put a toe into the hot water. It was hot! But I eased gently into it and Pavel stripped and followed me in. He had been working out and his body was now ripped more than before. “Looking good there Dr. Siderov.”

“Thank you Dr. Fairview.” He laughed at my compliment. We sat back and let the steaming water enter our pores and soak away the stresses of the day. It felt so good on my battered little female parts. I put a hand down to wave the water around down there a bit and even in and out of myself. He looked over with concern. “Still hurting?”

“Yeah, but I should be better in a day or two. It is just a bit bruised and abraded. Only slightly worse than you have done my pet.” He blushed and looked down guiltily.

“Um I need to talk to you about something.” I gave him a nod to proceed. “That guard could come back at any time to take you away again and I think we should be prepared for that eventuality.” My eyes opened wide with terror. I hadn’t thought about that, but Pavel was right. “Okay, before you panic, this is what we can do. We can have two men with you at all times. Tonight, Kirill can stay with us in our tent. Tomorrow morning we are going to have to tell everyone about what happened so they understand the need to be with you.” He paused and looked at me. I took a deep breath and nodded. He was right. That was what we needed to do whether or not we reported it. I pursed my lips and nodded my agreement. “Then beginning tomorrow, when you go out to look for orchids with Kirill, the Lepidoptera team needs to be within earshot.”

I inhaled deeply and said “Sounds like a plan. But I still don’t want to report it.”

“You don’t have to. Now, let’s just enjoy the rest of our soak and relax.” That is just what we did. On our way back to camp, we passed the rest of the five men coming to take turns to bathe and make a party of it. I was glad they included Kirill.

Hmm. It was getting quite nippy outside. It must be nearing 50 degrees Fahrenheit [10 degrees Centigrade]. It would be nice to curl up with two warm men in my tent tonight I thought to myself. But I didn’t think I would be able to work that out in actuality this evening without sounding like a slut.

By the time everyone was done bathing, Pavel announced the sleeping arrangements. He, Kirill and I would be in one tent and the rest of the party would be in the other tent. The third tent would remain open for communal use and for those who wished to stay awake in rough weather. Kirill gave a quick glance of surprise in my direction. I guess he wasn’t expecting to be included with Pavel and me. I guess he had heard our history. Our campfire was burning low, and some went to sit by it, but I decided to go to my sleeping bag and retire. Kirill accompanied me.


He took off his hiking boots, sweater and pants, leaving him in his boxer shorts, socks and tee shirt. That was about what I had on as well. We hunkered down in our sleeping bags and he said “So how do you like Kamchatka so far?”

My first thought was, if you only knew, but then I said “Well, I loved the hot spring! And dinner was divine! Thanks so much for bringing the caviar Kirill! That was so thoughtful of you.”

“Da, really it was nothing. You must really love camping to have your job.”

“I do. I really do.”

“Well, let’s get some rest so that we can work tomorrow. Good night Sue.”

“Good night Kirill.”

A bit later, Pavel joined us. He turned to me and said “It would be warmer if we shared our sleeping bags. Would you like that?”

“Okay, but only for warmth.” I said this for Kirill’s sake only, since Pavel knew what I had been through and that I had a boyfriend.

“Yes, of course.”

Kirill put in “Two men would be even warmer.”

“Okay, but the same goes for you. Be on your best behavior Kirill. Promise?” I replied.

“I promise. I will be a perfect gentleman. Scout’s honor.”

“There are Russian Boy Scouts?”

“Da. There is quite a history. I will tell you sometime. Good night.”

So all three of us joined sleeping bags and I got my wish. It was so totally warm with all three of us.

***** ***** *****

Eventually the four other men settled down in their tent as well. But sometime in the middle of the night, Mr. Butterfly and Volchuk met for a rendezvous in the communal tent.

“I got so turned on seeing you at the hot springs,” murmured Mr. Butterfly. “I just wanted to float over your crotch and let your cock pop up into my asshole.”

“Mmm. Da.” Volchuk leaned in and they kissed. “That would have been great.”

The ground was soft beneath them as they began to undress each other. Volchuk pulled the young explorer’s shirt off over his head revealing his tightly muscled chest. Right away he bent to suck on the exposed nipples. The young explorer moaned a bit in anticipation as his hands went to Volchuk’s crotch to rouse the mighty serpent where it lay. He found it already half engorged, so he undid Volchuk’s belt and pants front to free it. He wanted to feel the soft skin of Volchuk’s uncut cock. He could see it clearly, the beautiful piss slit with a thin neck of skin around the ripe and turgid pink cock head, crowning a long and still somewhat wobbly snake of flesh. Volchuk sat up and kissed the young explorer on the lips.

“So that is what you want? My cock up your ass?” asked Volchuk.

“Yes please,” whispered the young explorer.

“Beg for it,” replied Volchuk.

“Please fuck me wolf cub. Please. Fuck me hard.”

Volchuk pulled off his shirt over his head in one motion and stripped off his pants in another. He helped the young explorer with his pants. The young explorer quickly put his mouth on the beast between Volchuk’s legs, but he had to open his mouth so wide and still could not get much in, that is how big Volchuk’s member was. Then it got even bigger, longer, stiffer and harder. The young explorer pushed his tongue into Volchuk’s piss slit and pushed back the hood of uncut cock and licked the head sloppily. He then took the head and devoured it, swirling his tongue around the circumference and let the spit drip where it may. He took his now spit wetted hand and stroked the length of Vochuck’s cock as his lowered his mouth over it as much as he could. He could feel Volchuk’s cock poking at the back of his throat and he struggled not to gag, but to swallow. His hand reached the base where he fingered Volchuk’s balls. Volchuk, now fully ecrect, reached around and put a finger in the young explorer’s ass and the young explorer backed into it and moaned.

“Give me that ass,” said Volchuk. And when the young explorer turned to him, he proceeded to eat him out hungrily slobbering everywhere. The young explorer began to shake with need.

“God, I want you to fuck me so bad! Just shove it in me!”

“Shove what in you?”

“Don’t be stupid Volchuk!”


“Oh please fuck me with your huge cock! Please! Just fuck me!”

Volchuk had already rubbered up and was just teasing the young explorer. Finally he pushed his huge erection into the asshole in front of him. It felt so good for the young explorer he greedily backed into Volchuk’s member, mindless of the pain, just to get the satisfaction that was waiting there. This surprised Volchuk; it was so unlike the last time they had an encounter. But this was good for him too.


Little did they know that they had made enough noise to wake Aleksei and Yuri in the tent nearby. There was enough moonlight for them to see each other. They glanced at each other knowingly. Aleksei made a fist and put his forefinger into it a few times. Yuri nodded and they both laughed quietly. Then they tried to go back to sleep.

It wasn’t going to take too long for either Volchuk or the young explorer to cum. It had been awhile for both of them. Volchuk was hitting the spot just right for the young explorer’s release, while he jacked himself, and of course the young explorer was good and tight for Volchuk too. Suddenly the young explorer cried out “I’m cumming!” and then began streaming white spurts of cum onto the towel he had brought. Volchuk stayed inside him until he was done, enjoying the spasms and then pulled out took off the rubber and with only a few strokes of his hand came onto the young explorer’s chest. They both held each other, enjoying the afterglow and catching their breaths.


thonnibg said...

Oh damn Sue,you know how to have us excited!

Sue said...

Thank goodness you comment Toni, or I would never know how my stories come across. After all this time, I still need approval. Sigh, I am so insecure.

thonnibg said...

Blieve me Sue,your stories are perfect!
I admire you for coming up with different sexual acts with every part of your stories.Each one hotter then the last.

Sue said...

Thanks Toni. Just wait until you see what I've come up with for Kamchatka!