Sunday, October 12, 2008


The next Stag TV trailer for the episode coming on October 15th on is now available for viewing here.

Here is the plot summary from Francesco's blog:

The second episode of Stag TV was created specifically for those afflicted by A.D.D.! Two Italian experiences are twisted together into this show. One story is about Damien and Francesco staying at the D'Macho vacation home in the small medieval Umbrian town of Spoleto. While the other story is of Francesco and Jean Franko (two time GayVN winner for Best European Actor) performing together at Milan's Playroom inside Billy Club. This episode is full of foreplay, cumshots, chronic silliness and as always harassment of straight boys.

I cannot wait to see the full episode! I absolutely loved the first one!


Ray Aquino said...

The toilet demonstration! They're nuts! Ha!

Sue said...

It is a bidet. Bidets exist all over Europe right next to the toilets for cleaning your nether regions and are really very nice. Don't knock it until you've tried it!

thonnibg said...

Don`t you have bidets over ther in the US?