Sunday, October 05, 2008

Coffee With The Stars #1: Orlando Toro - Outtakes

From Damien Crosse's blog:

Here's a few outtakes from the "Coffee with the Stars" segment with Orlando Toro which will be available to view at on October 8th, when our site launches. This dark Andalusian hottie has starred in films such as Raging Stallion's 2007 multi-award winning blockbuster "Grunts", Colt's "Bodyguards", Black Scorpion's "Sex Hiker" and Men At Play's "Unmasked".

This clip can also be found on Francesco D'Macho's blog. Poor Orlando, I was wondering if he would ever get it right. But finally he did.

1 comment:

Ray Aquino said...

I will from here on out pronounce it staaaghomme, with the long "a" sound. Sounds sexy coming out of their mouths!

I hope there are more outtakes coming, I like this clip.