Saturday, October 25, 2008

Steve Cruz Liebt Berlin


Steve Cruz has returned home from Berlin, Germany. Visit his blog for the whole story about Hustlaball and more, as well as more NSFW photos.

Steve & Damien

Steve sneaks some tongue to Francesco

Steve samples power cocks and finds them nummy

Ross tries to sterilize a sink (hopeless)


thonnibg said...

Such great pics!
Of all the big cities in Germany I still haven`t been to Berlin and Hamburg:(

YvesPaul said...

Ross is so handsome.... gawd!

Stag said...

Hey Sue,

It was great to hear your voice today...which is very sexy btw ;)


Sue said...

D - I didn't know what to say! Wish you were with us to see the spectacular foliage. Your's is sexy too! ;)