Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stag TV - Episode Three - Madrid: Home of Debauchery: A Review


Once upon a time in the kingdom of Madrid, the Hooker Bunny and the Bunny Raper were living quietly until one day…SEX! GLAMOUR! DYNASTY! MONEY! DRUGS! This episode is by far the fiercest yet, but how could it not be when it takes places in the fiercest European city? This one contains a sex show between Francesco and Damien performed live in front of 2,000 people, as well as hot go-gos, wicked cool drag queens, Orlando Toro and Martin Mazza. Stag TV always takes you deeper and deeper into the porn world, and this episode is no exception, revealing one of the biggest “secrets” of the porn industry! Stag TV, where no one has ever taken you before!

The preview is also available at StagHomme as well as at Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse's blogs.

This was another highly entertaining episode from StagTV causing me to conclude that these guys are not a fluke, rather that there is real talent here at StagHomme. I could see it in the film editing, the music selection as well the graphics for titles, as well as other parts of this video. The acting is superb and so effortless; everybody is just being themselves. These guys are naturals at this. StagHomme has a very promising future in the industry from what I can tell.

I loved seeing Francesco and Damien, of course. They are beautiful as always to look at. Oh Francesco, I couldn't see that Damien even moved a hair on your head. I also loved seeing the two of them cringing frightened together in bed; they were so adorable! It was to die for!

Then when Damien is topping Francesco on stage in Madrid and Francesco is checking his manicure as if nothing of import was going on; then they cut to their bedroom where Damien declares "I'm a good top!" - that was just too much! Too funny!

Bottom line - you are insane you don't join and see this stuff. There, I've said it. The content on there by now will keep you busy for quite a while. You can join here.


Kristie said...

Sue, Once again I have to agree with you. What's not to love with these two??? Good gracious, they make you melt and make you laugh in the same freakin' breath!! We are in store for some great things from these two. Glad I joined early!!

AJ Llewellyn said...

Hi Sue,
I totally agree with you - and wasn't it nice to see their pal Martin Mazza in there with them?? Hopefully we'll see more of him on Stag!