Friday, October 31, 2008

NEW Friday Fantasy: Kamchatka Assignment Part 4


Kirill was the first one up in the morning and he rekindled the fire so that coffee could be made. Breakfast included "Pekanti" bread (heavy herb loaf bread made by the natives) and cheese. Eventually everyone got up. By 7:00 AM we were all seated around the fire drinking coffee and eating breakfast. The polar sun was pretty high by then. Pavel cleared his throat and began to speak.


“Sue and I wanted to tell about something that happened yesterday when we went off with the Russian Guard.” He looked at me to see if it was okay to proceed. I gave him a quick nod of approval and he continued. “Sue was sexually assaulted by the larger guard. I was unable to stop the attack because I was in the lock up at the time.” He paused for the expected questions but there was stunned silence.

Everyone didn’t know where to look. But eventually they all looked at Pavel. Kirill said “You could do nothing to protect her?”

“No. Sue was sitting at the desk, being questioned normally and I was standing and translating. We suspected nothing. The guard suddenly rose and twisted my arm behind my back and threw me into the cell, slamming the door closed after me. It was so quick I could do nothing. I assumed that I was in trouble, not Sue. We were both caught off guard. We didn’t realize his real intentions until it was too late.”

After a few moments of nobody saying anything further, I interposed “Okay, so done is done, and I am not terribly injured and I don’t intend to report it and ruin the diplomatic purpose of our mission. We need to carry on the science part of our project and forget that this has happened to me. I can live with that if you all can. But, the reason that we had to tell you all this is because this guard…” then I began to get a bit choked up and looked at Pavel to finish.

Pavel finished for me “This guard could show up at any time and force Sue to go with him again. Because we have reason to think this is not the first time he has done this with tourist women in Kamchatka. We think it would be better to have more than one man with Sue at any one time.”

Kirill said “To protect her.”

“Da.” Replied Pavel.

Mr. Butterfly whispered under his breath and then said out loud “I knew you didn’t look right yesterday.” Then he stood up and came over to hug me. I pushed him away saying “If you do that, I am going to fall apart and I just want us to get down to work today. Alright?” He gave me a sympathetic look that I just can’t stand. “Look it guys, I don’t want any sympathy. I just want us all to get down to work and forget about this. I am very excited about our work here and can’t wait to begin. How about you?”

Everyone agreed that they wanted to get to work. Pavel continued “So when the Orchid Group of Sue and Kirill goes out, the Lepidoptera Group should stay within shouting distance so if the Russian Guard shows up, they can be summoned in a moment. Is this a good plan?”

Mr. Butterfly and Yuri nodded in agreement. “Okay then, let’s finish our breakfast and get going then.”

The three geothermal scientists, Pavel, Volchuk, and Aleksei, hiked away to the north to an active caldera with their probing equipment.

Mr. Butterfly and Yuri hiked parallel to Kirill and I as we headed off to a nearby meadow; they to find butterflies and us to map the vegetation and look for orchids.

As soon as we were out of earshot, Kirill said “So now I understand why I was asked to sleep in your tent last night.”

I just smiled at him and said “I was glad you were there Kirill what ever the reason. It speeds up my getting to know you. I don’t want anybody to feel that somebody owns the rights to me.”

He nodded at that and seemed to accept my answer. “You are still in considerable danger if what you believe is correct.”

I looked at my feet as we were walking and tried not to trample the fragile flora, including the ubiquitous edelweiss which seemed to be underfoot where ever I stepped. “Don’t remind me.”


“But I think I can protect you without help from any other man.”

“Really how?”

“I know the right people.”

“How can that be Kirill?”

But he just smiled at me instead of answering. I decided not to press him since it would be better if we just dropped the whole matter. We got to where we were going and mapped out our first grid of the day with string. It was a largish area, but it would work.

Meanwhile, the Lepidoptera team had found some interesting butterflies copulating on vegetation. They took photographs immediately. Mr. Butterfly was quite beside himself and Yuri was too. Apparently, some of the specimens, though commonly seen in Siberia, were rare for Kamchatka.

courtship behavior

But what was most startling was the diversity of species found which was completely unexpected for Kamchatka. As they worked through the day they grew more and more excited with their findings. Yuri and Mr. Butterfly were all smiles as they returned to camp to show their photos to the others. Had global warming something to do with this finding they wondered? Would this add an interesting component to a publication and as well as an eco-climatologic finding with global importance for this joint diplomatic mission?

When everyone had returned to camp, Yuri shared their great news over dinner of dried salmon and the hard crusty Pekanti bread that seemed to go well with everything. Everyone was excited to hear this great news and intrigued with their findings. Kirill and I could not correlate our plant findings to theirs though. We had not found any orchids, and the Lepidoptera would only need flowers to survive, not any special southern species. Of course the Russians wanted to celebrate and had the Vodka handy. Mr. Butterfly and I just looked at each other and grinned. What could we do? Be party poopers? And so the drinking commenced.

Russian Vodka goes down like water and before you know it, you can’t walk. Everyone was laughing and joking and then things were getting blurry and the world was turning sideways, and then plop, I was on my side and my eyes were closing. But the partying went on into the night. Someone carried me to my tent, stuffed me into my bag and got in with me. I remember their warmth, and then the world went dark.

Out in the communal tent, things continued to get very friendly as the vodka loosened morals and brought down barriers. Yuri and Mr. Butterfly began accepting congratulatory kisses on the mouth. At that time, Pavel, decided to go back to Sue’s tent as the scene was making him uncomfortable. Yuri really wanted to kiss the young explorer and finally he got the opportunity.


The young explorer had been enjoying looking at Yuri during the whole trip and now had him at his mercy. He gripped Yuri’s close cropped hair and drew his shapely blue-eyed head towards his own. When their lips met it was gentle at first and so soft; like two butterflies wings beating against each other. Then Yuri thrust his tongue into the young explorer’s mouth, which was already open wide in expectation of it. The young explorer’s hands lifted up to hold Yuri’s shoulders and guide him towards himself. They hugged indecently, their bodies crushing together, chest to chest, and pelvis to pelvis. There was no hiding the sexual intentions of either man as they were clearly communicated through clothing. Yuri ventured a slight testing pelvic thrust and it was answered in kind and with a moan.

The young explorer suddenly had a thought, what am I doing? He pulled back suddenly to look at Volchuk. Volchuk was grinning ear-to-ear, so obviously he approved. Plus he was already kissing Aleksei and stroking the young man’s now naked well muscled chest and arms. This was how the fourgy started.

Clothes began to be doffed and eventually littered the floor of the tent. The young explorer removed Yuri’s sweater and shirt rapidly; they came off together and began to chew Yuri’s nipples which stood erect immediately, as if on command. Yuri lifted his right arm and the young explored wasted no time licking that armpit. It was delicious and smelled of musky man sweat from their field work that day. His other hand slid down to Yuri’s pants and found his sizable member hard as a rock; he squeezed it and rubbed it a bit. Then he undid Yuri’s belt and unbuttoned his fly and put his hand into Yuri’s pants. He felt the soft skin of an uncut cock covering the steely hardness of a raging hardon. He glanced down and saw the glinting of a piercing at the base of the man’s penis. That turned the young explorer on even more. He quickly laved his way down Yuri’s chest heading south for the belly button and then the hairy nut sack below.

He took each testicle in his mouth and stretched it away from Yuri’s body, sucking on it like a baby on a bottle. The warm odor of hairy male crotch was intoxicating. Yuri was moaning with pleasure, his head rolled back. “Suck on my dick!” he pleaded. So the young explorer did. He licked up one side of the soft pliable skin from Yuri’s balls, past the piercing, giving that a little tug with his lips and teeth, up to where it was no longer hairy at the head, and then encompassed the generous length of it as much as he could. Though the width did not compare to Vochuk’s Yuri’s penis was pretty long. Yuri let out a big sigh as this was done.


The young explorer glanced up at Volchuk and Aleksei and the latter was giving the former a blow job and nearly choking in the doing of it. It was really a turn on to watch the muscle man in action as every time he moved his muscles would flex and striations could be seen in the tissue underneath his white marble-like skin. He looked like a fine Grecian sculpture carved by a master artisan.


Suddenly, Yuri looked at Volchuk and said “I think its time we fucked these two, don’t you?”

Volchuk replied “Da.”

Everyone was completely naked by now, except for heavy hiking socks, and Yuri positioned himself behind the young explorer and Volchuk did the same with Aleksei. The young explorer and Aleksei faced each other; both were grinning looking forward to a great pounding. As soon as the duo of tops was rubbered up, the fucking began. The young explorer was anxious to get underway and surprised Yuri by backing into this erection to speed entry. Aleksei was a bit more hesitant, being newer to the game, and Vochuk was quite large for him. But eventually they got a rhythm going.

Then, Aleksei and the young explorer lay down in a sixty-nine position so that they could blow each other while they were being fucked. This took a few moments of adjustment for everyone involved. But, it was worth it. The young explorer had never felt anything like being fucked and blown simultaneously. It hit all of his pleasure buttons. The stroking of his prostate was so pleasurable, it was bringing him to the edge and he felt like he was going to blow and couldn’t stop himself. The young Russian weightlifter gave remarkably good head. Then the suction and friction on his dick was mind-blowingly awesome at the same time. He was not in control and he knew it. He knew he couldn’t last too long with all of this stimulation going on. He was moaning uncontrollably while he blew Aleksei. As he got closer he began to say “Guys, I’m gonna cum!”

Aleksei just smiled at him around his cock and Yuri kept up his pace. The young explorer came in spasms into the Russian weightlifter’s mouth and then some went onto Aleksei’s chin and hair as well. Suddenly, his own mouth was filling with spunk from Aleksei who groaned as he came. He lapped it up, but there was too much and some dribbled out and onto his chin and chest. Then the two tops were breathing very hard, and they pulled out and jerked off onto the bottoms’ faces too. Yuri grunted his load out. Everyone was covered with sweat and cum.

“Race you to the hot spring!” yelled Volchuk.

Everyone ran back to their tent to get towels and then ran naked in their stocking feet the half mile to the hot spring. The first there were Aleksei and the young explorer. They splashed in noisily with no regard for the remaining two who showed up and tried to squeeze in also. It became a frothing soup of men as they splashed each other and joked around.

the hot spring

Somehow they all got rinsed off and as steam rose off their bodies, they trouped back to camp, soggy, sated and happy and singing a Russian drinking song. Mr. Butterfly didn’t know the words, but there was clapping, it was rhythmic, somber yet uplifting at the same time, and he did his best to follow along. Maybe it was the vodka or the sex, but he really felt the camaraderie of these men and like he was part of a greater brotherhood of man.


thonnibg said...

Mr.Butterfly and the Russians-that was breathtakingly hot,Sue!!
Licking the armpits and smelling the odor of the crotch were my favorite parts:)

Sue,you gotta make a book with those Fantasies.It`ll be a best-seller!

Sue said...

I am glad you enjoyed it Toni and saw fit to leave a comment. Sigh. I wish everyone who enjoyed it would leave comments like you do and let me know exactly what they liked about the story. I appreciate your feedback my friend! Kisses!

Doug said...

Loved the fourgy! Very hot, especially the finale!

Sue said...

Thanks Doug!!! :)

Linda! said...

wow. LOVED IT as usual! so fucking hot!

Sue said...

Thanks so much Michelle!!!

Ray Avito said...

Kirill is a cryptic one, isn't he?

The position used in the four-way, I don't think I've seen that before! I can only imagine that it must be very hot!