Sunday, October 12, 2008

First StagHomme Chat

I logged in to early and was waiting already with dougsmith63 and others while the time flew past and we all tried to figure out why Francesco and Damien were late. We joked about how we might punish them, and maybe it was because they couldn’t get it up, when somebody noticed that they were on another site. It turns out that they had had a disagreement with Ustream at the last minute and had to make a deal with another provider to get the chat going but it was already half an hour late. I was able to get over there, but Doug, whose birthday it was, could not. They said they had to keep it clean tonight because of the new provider but the chat on October 28th would be another thing entirely.

Francesco, who was in his kitchen, had made chocolate cupcakes with frosting from “scratch”. He held up the Cadbury box to show us. One participant noted that if you used a box mix, it wasn’t from scratch, but he responded that is was for him. He and Damien then decided to wait for Doug to get on. Orlando was there eating nachos. As soon as Orlando had eaten them all, he left to buy more.

I pressed Francesco and Damien to let us know when they’re big day was. To my surprise, Damien said that it was going to be May 22nd, 2009. I asked that they come and get married in Connecticut by the Connecticut River. Damien sounded excited and told Francesco. Then everyone wanted them to kiss and they did. Wow, what at kiss! Sigh. Love is so beautiful.

Then they proceeded to decorate the cupcakes with whipped cream, by first putting some on Francesco’s nipple. Damien licked it off, remarking that Francesco didn’t like having his nipples fooled with. After that they put whipped cream on the cupcakes. Then they put rainbow sprinkles on them. They stuck candles in them and carried the tray over to the table by the couch. I kept checking with Doug, and he was still having problems. So we went ahead without him. Francesco lit the candles and they sang Happy Birthday. Damien blew out the candles for Doug. Francesco fed him a bite of cupcake and then ate the rest of it. Damien asked for some milk and then went and got some. Francesco drank it out of the carton.

Damien stood and got a cigarette. I entered “no smoking during the chat,” and Francesco asked that all participants get on Damien’s case about his smoking. Everybody did. Messages poured in saying things such as “no smoking”, “smoking kills”, “kissing a smoker is like kissing an ashtray”, etc.. Francesco took the cigarette out of Damien’s mouth and threw it away.

A participant asked that they kiss again and they did. Sigh. Then they signed off. Doug, you missed a really great birthday.


Doug said...

Damn. Sorry they went to all that trouble and I couldn't be there. They are so sweet. Hopefully they can use UStream next time. Thanks for the post! I'll post the pics and link back here on my blog.

Sue said...

Yes, they baked cupcakes and everything! I was amazed! I guess they didn't have time to communicate the change to all the users. I tried to keep them waiting for you, and they sure did want to include you, but after a while we gave up. I'm sure everyone will know how to get on for the next one. I feel really bad that it didn't work out this time for you Doug. :(

AJ Llewellyn said...

Aloha Sue!
These pics are great and you got them up so fast!
I somehow managed to stumble into the right place from the start but got booted off and came sweet they're getting married May 22. They should get you to take the pics!
Orlando cracked me up the way he kept eating. I just had to ask him what it was and he said nachos. I thought it was hysterical when Francesco joked that he went out to buy more.
This was a fun chat and it was nice to e-meet you!
I think Doug got great mileage out of NOT being there. He stole the!

Jambrea said...

Sue! It was nice to "meet" you at the chat! It was great and I enjoyed it. Your pictures turned out great! I noticed they are already up at Stag!

Hope to "see" you again soon!

PS Happy birthday Doug!

Cristiano Mancini said...

I was there Sue , but for some reason I could not type and send messages. it was so frustrating..but I followed the whole show and birthday celebration was unique ..a great gift for Doug !

thonnibg said...

What a great surprise and gift for Doug!

Sue said...

All - those are not my pictures! I got them from Francesco and don't know who took them. I think they did.

AJ - great to meet you and I loved your post! I gave you a link.

Jambrea - great to meet you! A girl after my own heart! LOL!

Cristiano - Sorry you couldn't type but we could feel your aura honey!

Toni - we missed you!

joy roett said...

Even with all the mix up it was still lots of fun!

Wonderful to meet you Sue :)

Sue said...

Thanks Joy! Likewise!

gpcrush said...

Thank you Sue for the chat deets.:) I just signed up and missed the first one. Will be present and accounted for at the next one!


Dillinger said...

well Francesco and Damien are better bakery boys then me.
From scratch over here. Is me driving to the grocery store and burning the evidence and saying I baked cake.