Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Review: StagHomme a First Taste

This wonderful review was written by Doug of Unnatural Devotions:

Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse launched their new web site/production company, Stag Homme, today. If you haven't joined already, drop everything and do it now. The site features not only all the hot hot films from, (which is now Stag Homme, so if you're a member of FDM you're automatically a member of Stag Homme) but also, among many other things, some new films, the biggest of which is the two part "While the City Watches," which was directed by Francesco and stars Damien and Adriano Toledo.

The film takes place at a rooftop pool high above a busy nighttime city street. Adriano and Damien kiss and caress and fondle and fuck each other in the blue glow of the pool lights, which give their erotic play a gorgeous dream-like atmosphere; in the blue light, Damien's and Adriano's bodies become otherworldly muscular phantoms, vivid and yet still out of reach, and they're mesmerizing to watch.

The first section of the film is foreplay, Damien and Adriano caressing each other and anointing each other with water and kisses, and if you have any doubt that you can't get sufficiently turned on by the sight of two men just kissing and caressing, I've got news for you; you just might blow a load before this one's through. Give yourself time to reload, though, so you can enjoy the second part, which is where Damien and Adriano, still lit like steely blue gods of the underworld, get down to sucking and fucking.

This is the first time I've seen Damien in action on film (I've only seen him in short preview clips and still shots) and Lord have mercy what I've been missing. This boy knows his way around a cock. He puts the deeeep in deep throating, and he's every bit as marvelous as a bottom as well---my favorite moment (other than when Damien has his mouth open wide and Adriano is literally fucking Damien's throat) comes near the finale, as Adriano is fucking him missionary style, and Damien feels his orgasm beginning to rise and he cries out in urgent Spanish and then Adriano leans way in for a kiss as Damien is grunting with anticipation. SO hot. And the cumshot doesn't disappoint either. And neither does Adriano's (or Adriano's performance, though he is overshadowed by Damien, not through any fault of the two men; Damien just has that natural charisma that makes him the one you want to look at on film).

Along with "While The City Watches" I also watched "Coffee With the Stars: Orlando Toro", part of a video series in which porn stars sit and have coffee and tell us about their lives. Orlando is a real charmer, funny and adorable, and his segment is lots of fun to watch: if you didn't already have a crush on him you will have one by the end of this video.

It looks like Damien and Francesco have a real winner here, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for them and this wonderful site. Check out the site and become a member here.

Make sure you sign up soon so you can catch the live chat with Francesco and Damien on October 12 at 6pm Eastern US time (which is also my birthday, so I'm hoping I'll be home to participate; I'm going to try, though).


Doug said...

Thanks for the reprint, Sue.

Sue said...

Not a problem Doug. It is so well written, I could never do better. Plus I agree with every word! :)