Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet Fran-Swaw Sagat

I guess he was in NYC when this happened? Too funny. Just let it roll off of you François. You should hear how they mangle my last name. There are so many stupid people in the world, that is why we have had George Bush for president for 8 years.



thonnibg said...

Here in Bulgaria we`ll pronounce your name just like it is.We say the names like the`re in original.Don`t "bulgarize" them:)
But I guess it`s pretty annoying for Fran-Swow:)Good on him that he posted about that.

And about Bush...well,I`d like to appeal to all Americans-Please,be carefull who you vote for cuz for good or bad America rules the world:)So,your next president will be ours as well:)
Another "Bush" will be a tragedy!

But I don`t doubt,Sue,you`ll make the right choice.

Sue said...

I'm going to vote for Obama in case you haven't figured that out already and he is way ahead in the polls. So we all have fingers crossed over here that he will be our first African-American President. :)

thonnibg said...

Good girl:)

Dennis said...

People managed to misspell my name all the time. I've seen Denis (understandable), Denise (not so much), Dennus (WHAT?) so I'm not at all surprised people can't get Francois right.

Stan said...

I'm on board too, Sue. Obama is clearly the obvious choice, as General Colin Powell stated yesterday in his endorsement. Who does McCain and Palin have? Joe the plumber?

YvesPaul said...

Funny and very creative of them. Don't take it as an insult, it is SO not personal.