Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Fantasy: Iceland Investigation Part 8

Previously posted April 4, 2007

“It was really funny to come out of my tent and see Dr. Sidorov on the ground after you punched him.” said Volchuk as he lay with Mr. Butterfly that same night.

“Yeah, it was a million laughs.”

“Why did you hit him?”

“I just couldn’t stand the thought that he had taken advantage of Sue, or hurt her, or used her, or disrespected her. I am here to protect her and I felt like I failed.”

“You can’t protect her from herself.”

“Or from your colleague, it seems.”

“Come here and give me a hug and let Volchuk make it all better.”

That made Mr. Butterfly smile. He put his head against Volchuk’s bony breast and could hear his heart beating. His hand ventured down to Volchuk’s thigh and then back up to his crotch. Volchuk sighed. The monster resting on his leg wakened to Mr. Butterfly’s touch. Mr. Butterfly looked up into Volchuk’s eyes and they kissed, Volchuk bent down to receive the kiss. Volchuk pulled Mr. Butterfly’s shirt off and began licking and nibbling his nipples. Then he worked his way down to the sparse trail of fur coming out of Mr. Butterfly’s shorts. He tugged the shorts down a bit to reveal the base of an erect penis which he kissed also. Then the shorts came off entirely. Avoiding the penis, he enveloped the nuts in his mouth, first one, then the other, lavishing them with soft suction and spit. Mr. Butterfly was in heaven. Volchuk gave special attention to the area between the anus and testicles, applying pressure there with his tongue. Mr. Butterfly was dying to have his dick sucked and he thrust his hips in the air to no avail. But, Volchuk was getting there slowly. He worked his way back up to the penis, and then suddenly took the entire organ into his mouth in one gulp. The sensation of having his entire penis enveloped so suddenly into a warm and wet mouth felt so wonderful, and Volchuk created such suction! He began to bob his head up and down quickly applying pressure with his lips over his teeth. Mr. Butterfly began to moan with pleasure immediately. He held onto Volchuk’s crew cut hair gently with his fingertips to guide his head and warned him when he got close because he knew that Volchuk wanted to fuck him again.

Mr. Butterfly lay on his back with his feet in the air to let Volchuk have his way with him and Volchuk did just that. After suiting up with a condom, Volchuk pushed his enormous organ into Mr. Butterfly’s well lubricated anus slowly until it was all the way into his ass. Mr. Butterfly experienced both agony and ecstasy during this penetration. This time, Volchuk fucked him slowly and lovingly with plenty of meaningful eye contact. They even kissed during their lovemaking and Mr. Butterfly could feel that enormous cock of Volchuk’s moving back and forth in his body, persistently stroking his prostate and driving him to edge of delirium. Volchuk stroked Mr. Butterfly’s breast keeping the nipple erect and his breathing quickened. His thrusts quickened too as if by necessity and he helped Mr. Butterfly jerk off. They both came almost simultaneously.

After catching his breath, Volchuk said, “Я люблю Вас .”

“Excuse me?” said Mr. Butterfly.

“Nothing.” said Volchuk, having second thoughts about declaring his love for Mr. Butterfly again in English rather than in his mother tongue. “Let us go clean off in the hot spring.”

Together they went out to the hot spring to bathe and cleanse themselves. Then they went back to the tent to sleep together. They were two innocent young men drawn together by science, one who stood up for his gal pal’s honor and the other who was falling in love with him but feared declaring it.


thonnibg said...

Yet another hot part!
This time with love declaration:)
“Я люблю Вас .”Aw that was so sweet!

Sue said...

Oh yeah, I'm all about the romance!

Linda! said...

*sigh* if ony my russian would say that to me.

am enjoying this story...