Thursday, October 30, 2008


Photographed by Aaron Cobbett, modeled by Brian Kenny, available at Slick It Up. Source: House of Vader. More photos at the source. Click to enlarge.

Who would you chose to be Sleeping Beauty?

Okay guys, I will start. How about Francois Sagat?


YvesPaul said...

While Francois is a beauty no doubt, he doesn't quite do for the sleeping part, how about Pedro 3 pictures down?

Sue said...

Nice choice Paul! Anybody else?

thonnibg said...

Of course I`m all for Sagat to be the Beauty too.Tho Sagat would be the Naughty,Teasing Beauty:)Not exactly the Sleeping one.
But how about you,Sue?

Sue said...

Well initially I was for Sagat, but I really do like that photo of Pedro and Sagat has already done Slick It Up. So Pedro would be fresh meat (so to speak) for the campaign.

David Mason said...

What do you guys think of damian crosse, i think hes cute :)