Friday, November 14, 2008

Where Was Steve's Coffee?

My question is on Stag Homme's Coffee with the Stars, where Was Steve Cruz' coffee? Not a even a whiff of it was apparent! I feel so ripped off. (Well, not really...)

Poor Steve. Thirty-six years young and pouring his heart out about his current career producing porn. I feel so badly for him. There he was in bed, eventually with four other gorgeous nearly naked men. Sigh. Some people have it so rough. Oh, and by the way, it is no coincidence that 'diva' is an Italian word, Francesco. But only a true star can be one and you are so worth it.

Doug is gonna love this CWTS. Ross was so cute in his Aussiebum jock strap. I just wanted to take a bite of his ass myself. Damien did his famed 'sad bunny' impression. What an expressive face Damien has! This one was a winner guys!


Doug said...

I love Steve but this was all about Ross for me. Speaking of Ross, Part 2 of "Wir Sind Berliner" is up.

Sue said...

I know!

Kristie~ said...

Sue, I made a comment on my blog about the lack of coffee funny. This one was a winner wasn't it?

Sue said...

It certainly was Kristie! Could you provide your url so that I can read your review?

Kristie~ said...

Sure's fairly new.
It's not near as good as yours or Dougs!!!