Friday, November 28, 2008

New Friday Fantasy: Kamchatka Assignment Part 5


I awoke with my tongue feeling like it was pickled. I reached past the two nearly naked men in my sleeping bag to for a bottle of water. I took a couple of sips and that helped a bit. My head didn’t feel much better. But I was sure I wouldn’t be the only one hurting today as I was the first one to stop drinking last night. I quickly put my arm back into the warmth of the bag. Kirill put his arm back around me and pulled me closer unconsciously. I could feel his sizable morning erection on my ass right through his shorts and mine. It was pretty hard to miss. I felt his breath on my ear.


Then I noticed that Pavel was awake and looking at us from inches only away. I gave him a little smile and he just raised an eyebrow as if to say “Are going to let this continue?” I sighed and gave Kirill a gentle bit of an elbow to wake him up. He slowly woke up and as he came to his senses, he released me from the embrace. “Oh, excuse me,” he mumbled as he moved his hips away to a more discreet distance.

“Quite alright,” I responded.


Meanwhile in the other tent, the boys were waking up. Volchuk offered “Does anybody else have a really big headache?” Everybody groaned in response. Aleksei said “My butt is sore.”


That lightened up the mood and caused some chuckling. They were all moving slowly, but by they time they were up and around, Kirill had already relit the camp’s fire and had started the strong coffee which was welcomed by all.

There was much moaning and groaning around the campfire that morning. But slowly, everyone got ready for the day ahead. We all parted company and went off to work, much like the day before. The three geothermal scientists headed off to a new crater toting their bulky equipment, Yuri and Mr. Butterfly excitedly headed to a new meadow with their nets and cameras, and Kirill and I followed them on a parallel course with our laptop string and camera, hoping to find some orchids this time.

Kirill and I found a suitable field and marked off our string square boundary and its inner gridlines. We set to work counting the content plants.

Right away we found a Cypripedium macranthon orchid, a beautiful pink lady’s slipper. We were elated of course. We kissed and hugged; success at last! There had to be more nearby. So on we worked. We did find a few more. We were so caught up in our work that we did not hear the truck approaching, raising the dust in a cloud behind it. It was upon us before we noticed it. The huge Russian Guard got out of the truck. He was the one that had raped me. I was terrified and hid behind Kirill shaking. “Should we call out to the others?” I asked timidly.

“Nyet,” answered Kirill, putting a calming hand on my shoulder. “I promise you I can take care of this by myself.”

The guard

The guard approached and commanded “I need American woman again. I take her now!” and he jerked his thumb towards the truck for emphasis.

“Nyet,” calmly answered Kirill. Then he said “Tuy sramish Rodinu.” Then he continued to speak on in Russian for a few minutes that I could not understand a word of ending with “Ubiraysya otsyuda!” The result was that the Guard stared at him open mouthed, lost his bravado and then turned white as a sheet. He hurriedly got back into his jeep and drove off. Kirill turned to me and said “You will be safe from him from now on.”

I was stunned. “What did you say to him?”

Kirill just smiled and said “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”

I just looked him with a confused look.

“I was kidding Sue!”

“Oh, okay.” And I smiled wanly. “Um thanks. I guess. Thanks a lot Kirill. I really appreciate that. I really do.” Then I gave him a really big and warm smile and hugged him. By then Mr. Butterfly and Yuri caught up to us as they had seen the truck and had come to my rescue.

“What happened?” Asked Mr. Butterfly.

“The guard came and Kirill ran him off.”

“How did you do that Kirill?”

“I told him that if he knew what was good for him he would fuck off,” said Kirill, smiling.


Dubious, Yuri said “So that was all it took Kirill, huh?”

“I guess so. I don’t think he’ll trouble Sue again.”

After a few moments of chatting, we all decided that the show was over and it was time to get back to work.

Kirill and I worked the rest of the day and found one more Cypripedium maculatum orchid in our grid. We were very pleased with this outcome for the day. We had completed our work but still had about an hour left and decided to rest in a shady grove by a stream where we could see salmon swimming. Kirill wished he had brought fishing gear to catch them with so that we could have fresh salmon for supper.

We sat down side-by-side in the grass. “So I am really safe from that guard now Kirill?”



He sighed and said “Look at me Sue.” So I did. “You are safer now than ever. He will not hurt you ever again.” Then Kirill put his hand under my chin and drew me close so that he could kiss my forehead. I lifted my face to him and he kissed me gently on the lips.

“That was nice,” I said.

So he continued to kiss me. His tongue parted my lips and I allowed it to enter my mouth where I sucked on it just a little bit. He moaned in response to that. He put his arms around me and drew my body to his. I held his shoulders for leverage and trailed my right hand down to his ass. He straightened his left leg for me and I put my hand on his crotch. He was hard and ready. I opened his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and unzipped his fly. Pushing his underwear and shirt aside, I freed his erect cock and grabbed it. Boy did he moan now!

“Pojaluysta!” he cried.

“English” said I.


So I put my head down and proceeded to lick his erection because I feared I was still too sore to have sex with him. He quickly pushed his pants down to expose more of himself and make my job easier. He was beautiful down there. He was uncut and had a lovely set of balls. I laved them with my tongue until I was drooling uncontrollably. He was going wild with pleasure, his legs straining, and his hips bucking.

“Pojaluysta, blow me!”

So, I lowered my mouth over his cock to see how much I could get in at one time. Actually I didn’t do too badly. The head of his cock hit the back of my throat with only an inch or so remaining out. I have no gag response, but my eyes were tearing, which is what usually happens. I used my other hand to grip the remaining portion of his cock and stroke it as I moved my head up and down on his cock. But I was getting hornier and hornier watching him writhing with pleasure. I was quite wet and ready myself. Was I too sore for sex? Maybe I could get away with just a little gentle sex I convinced myself as I was blowing Kirill. I began to undo my pants while I was blowing him and push them down.

“Um, Kirill, will you do me a big favor?”


Would you make love to me very gently?”

“Da. Gentle like dove.”

He helped me off with my pants and I handed him a condom.

“Since when do you carry condoms in the field?”

“Since I got raped and was glad the guard had one.”


He put the condom on and positioned himself over me. He very gently guided his cock into my pussy. God, it felt great! The instant fullness of it was wonderful, so satisfying. He groaned in pleasure too, so I guess it wasn’t too bad for him either. Then he slowly began to move out, then in, out, then in again. I went straight to a state of bliss and stayed there.

“Christ sakes Kirill!” I cried out as my multiple orgasms began. He kept his rhythm through them and allowed my spasms to bring him to climax. When we were done, I asked him to pull out, because I felt a bit sore again from my orgasms on his hard erection. He looked very concerned, but I assured him I would be okay after a dip in the hot spring. We lay there in each other’s arms, watching the salmon in the brook. It was very peaceful.

“You must tell no one we did this,” said I.

“I will take it to my grave,” replied he. Then we dressed and headed back for camp.

Thanks to Toni for the Russian translations!


Thonnibg said...

Ah,Kirill is such a brave guy!
But horny Sue couldn`t wait again until her sore pussy healed:)hehe
Very hot,Sue!!Can`t wait for the next episode.

Sue said...

She's not horny! She just had to thank her hero properly for saving her life!!!!

Wait until you see what happens next!

Thomas said...

But nicer is Aleksei!! YUM.

Sue said...

Aleksei will see more action yet Thomas!

Doug said...

I agree: Aleksei is yummy.

Very hot sequence, Sue.

Sue said...

Thanks Doug!

Linda! said...

i love your stories Sue!

Anonymous said...

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