Friday, November 21, 2008

Review of Stag Homme's Callejeros

Stag Homme’s Callejeros starring Damien Crosse and Aitor Crash and directed by Francesco D’Macho was shot in open public spaces in Madrid, Spain. Part 1 begins on the street where Aitor is taking a piss in an alley and Damien joins him by also taking a piss. The filthy alley is littered with paper, garbage and marked with graffiti, some of it of fish heads resembling penises, as well as torn off old posters. This makes for a very gritty setting. They quickly kiss and Aitor takes Damien’s still urine dripping, partially erect cock into his mouth. At first the camera is very close up, but then it pulls away and looks down the street, left, then right and the street noise is very loud. You realize just how exposed the couple really is. They are out in public. Anybody could walk by at any time (and from what I understand they did!) and see them. Aitor whips out his cock, which is now erect and Damien hungrily goes to work on it while Aitor sexily sneers with pleasure. Then they both stand and kiss again. Aitor opens his jacket so that Damien can feel his manly furred chest while they both jack their cocks. Damien jerks his head as if to say “Let’s get out of here,” and they pull up their pants and leave the alley together. Passion overcomes them a couple more times on their way down the street and it seems they can’t keep their mouths off each other.

Photo Source: Queer Me Now

Part 2 was just really hot. First, in the very early morning they climb up from a terrace to the flat roof that overlooks Madrid. The camera makes it very clear that they are quite visible from any other building. Once there, they blow each other again and we can hear the traffic noise clearly in the background. Aitor stands up and they kiss. That was where I became engrossed in the film. Damien bends Aitor over a chimney, rubbers up and proceeds to fuck the shit out of him. I could watch Damien top all day; he is so intense. When that isn’t good enough, he puts Aitor on all fours and goes at him again. [He reminds me of the energizer bunny in this position. LOL!] We can hear Damien’s breathing and groaning that is so sexy. I loved the end of the film with both of the cum shots; very hot.

What can I say? These are two really hot short films that were masterfully produced and shot. Both had hot, gritty public sex that made one feel exposed and at risk of discovery all at once. The casting and costuming was perfect as were the setting choices. The camera work was terrific. Kudos to Stag Homme! I cannot wait to see what they come up with next!


Cristiano Mancini said...

I just spoke with Francesco , they arrived last night in Miami for Thanksgiving week . Totaly jet lagged having pan cakes , Francesco's favorite american food !

Sue said...

I bet he wishes he had real maple syrup with him!

Kristie~ said...

Poor boys! Jet lagged. Aww.
This video was very hot and Aitor was the perfect choice!

smeety said...

I enjoyed your post Sue! You have chosen good image! see you