Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daniel & Pedro Party with Marco Da Silva

Marco is the dancer on Kylie's left

Source: Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas (go to their blog to see many more photos)


thonnibg said...

I told Pedro and Daniel to say Hi to Marco for us:)I wonder if they did it?:)))
Sue I sent you an email.

Sue said...

Thanks Toni! I got it and it worked!

Matt said...

Does anyone know how to chat live with Marvin and Andreas? I get lost in their website. lol.. I love those two, such a sweet couple

Adam said...


i get lost too lol.. i think you download skype but then i dont know how they get a hold of you or something. anyone know? sue?

Sue said...

I don't know either. Maybe send them an email and ask. If you speak Spanish it could be easier, but I don't. Or leave a comment on their blog asking. They will get back to you somehow I am sure. They are very nice guys.