Saturday, November 08, 2008

UK Fantasy with Daniel & Pedro

So I was in the UK recently and look who I ran into. Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas! I hardly would have recognized them with all of those clothes on, but there they were.

My heart began to pound; they are so gorgeous! It wasn't where I was planning to go, but they invited me to come with them to UK Naked Men studios to watch a shoot.

Who would turn an offer like that down? Certainly not moi!!!

So we get there and I am shuffled off to a waiting area while the men get changed. I am so excited by now, I can't tell you! First to go is Pedro. Here are his photos from the shoot:

Oh yeah! Rip that ugly shirt off Pedro!

I just want to leap across that table to suck him off! Better yet, have him pound me as I lie across the table! Uh oh! Did I say all that out loud???

Shhh! Here is Daniel! Ooooo. Take it off baby...

Oh yeah! Look at that little piercing; so hot! I just want to nibble on that!

I love him in those riding boots! If that is not one of the hottest asses, I just don't know what!?!?

So now I have to act all civilized again as they walk me out and ask if I enjoyed their shoot. "Um sure guys. It was wonderful and you did great. I am sure it will be a hit! Thanks so much for inviting me!" I answer hoping they won't notice how flustered I am. But they just give me knowing smiles. These two Latin Studs are just way too nice. I hope I run into them again really soon!


thonnibg said...

Uhm Sue,I guess it was Daniel`s NIPPLE piercing you wanted to nibble on;)hehehe
Pedro`s shirt and Dani`s underwear are quite funny indeed:)

This was one of the most entertaining stories I`ve ever read.Thnx,Sue.

Sue said...

Oh, for sure, it was the NIPPLE piercing. Yeah, that's the ticket, good eye Toni! Just something I whipped up this morning! Thanks!

Kristie~ said...

Okay, I am sooo jealous!! These two are my second favorite power porn couple. I think we both know the first...but I digress! LOL
You are one lucky woman Sue. Don't think I could have kept my composure...I wanna nibble on a few things on these men!!

Sue said...

Um, you realize this was a fantasy, right Kristie???

Ray Avito said...

That Daniel...SHEESH!! His eyebrows and lashes looks so thick and dark. Love it. And could not agree more about the riding boots!

glen_mc said...

UKNAKEDMEN is one of my fave sites besides yours of course!

Sue said...

Thanks Ray and Glen! I adore hearing from you guys!

Sh@ney said...

It was a fantasy Sue...oh how dissappointing. (winks) Guess my imagination can stick to what it does best!