Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Live Chat Was Great!

The live chat was great tonight! There were very few problems and only at the beginning. Then everything went smoothly.

We watched as Francesco trimmed Damien's hair and beard with a shaver. While he was doing that, we had a contest for a DVD of Trunks 3. There were 4 questions which were: 1. the number of tattoos that Damien has (5), 2. the number of tattoos that Francesco has (3), 3. the number of dicks that Damien puts in his mouth in Wir Sind Berliner (4), 4. where they are traveling to on Thursday (Miami). Joy won the DVD! He also signed and kissed the DVD and added some of Damien's hair to it. [Eww.]

Francesco mentioned that they are both working as full time employees of Stag Homme Studios right now and are looking to hire a third person. He also indicated that his movie with Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas that was shot in Costa Rica will be coming out in Fall/Winter of 2009.

But the most exciting news was that he and Damien are getting a puppy for Christmas! They are getting a Ratonero Bedeguero Anadaluz, or Spanish Mouse Hunting Dog.

From Wikipedia: It is believed to be descended from Fox Terriers crossed with other small breeds. This cross was probably during the XIX century, when many British businessmen established in Jerez to deal with Sherry. Its Spanish name reflects its main occupation: hunting rats hidden between Sherry barrels. The dog is of medium stature, with a short but abundant mostly white coat with black and/or tan markings. The head should be black and triangular with a semi-flat skull, with very dark eyes and folded ears. The tail may be docked to one quarter of its length or natural. The breed is lively and brave with strong hunting instincts. It must also be friendly and according to the breed club this breed is good with children.

I am in love! How many are they going to get? And when will they have the children that will the puppies will be good with? Well, what are they going to name their puppy? Machopup? I want to see photos!!! Won't it be cute to see the puppy on the live chat!!! Oh geez, they have no privacy whatsoever. Sigh.


Sh@ney said...

So great to see the guys together and so happy! Must be love if they are thinking of kids now! *winks*

thonnibg said...

"The live chat was great tonight!"
Why am I not surprised?:)

The pup looks adorable!Just when I think the Crossachos couldn`t get any cuter...

Kristie~ said...

Sue, the chat was fantastic, yes? The pics of the dogs are adorable. I can't wait to see it when they get it.

Leto said...

Is that the same breed of dog as Marvin and Pedro? Their Pup is great. Just wondering. Leto

Sue said...

No, they have a smooth coated Jack Russel Terriers, I believe. They now have 3 of those: Lucas, Doris and Sara.

gpcrush said...

ha ha ha! No wonder you were so silent on the chat! You were busy!

I can already see D & F scheduling puppy play dates with Daniel and Pedro's dogs. HEE!

@Toni, when you getting Stag'd? ;)


thonnibg said...

Sigh,I can`t tell,Tamara:(

Doug said...

The pup in the last pic has Damien's sad bunny down pat. SO cute.

Rob Bartell said...


And the dogs are pretty cute too.