Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stag TV Episode IV: Wir Sind Berliner, Part 1

The fourth episode of Stag Homme's TV series opens with our dastardly duo skipping through Berlin for Hustlaball. The opening swept me away with its cabaret like music and views of Hustlaball reminiscent of the movie Cabaret. The editing here again was fabulous. As we were shown views of Berlin mixed with bizarre events of gay porndom such as a gymnastic threesome. Or was that a fourgy? The decadence way out did that movie! Kudos! Thank goodness there were no Nazis to break up the party!

This one is just packed with porn star cameos as Steve Cruz sucking on Ricky Sinz, Jean Franko arriving, and Ross Hurston arriving with out his passport. Steven Scarborough and Brent Smith of Hot House also arrived. They kissed in front of the cameras for the VIP interviews and that was really hot and had to be seen. I cannot wait until they get married! I want photos!

Then they were interviewing guys and introduced one named Joel; he was really pretty and the bod was to die for. He was so cut - wow!

Darius Falke gave Francesco and Damien a tour of Berlin and took them to Alexanderplatz where they saw the phone tower. Francesco and Damien spent lots of time looking for the Berlin Wall, which apparently is not so easy to find these days.

Then they did a bit about Pistol Pete, who was not that happy with those two big cum shots on his face and had some choice words for our heroes in German. These two photos are from the Hustlaball site. He sure is hot, isn't he? Guess what his nationality is?

In the final moments of the episode, our heroes furtively lurk in and out of the Holocaust Memorial to some darker music. I thought it was a good way to close the segment and I can't wait for Part 2.

All I know is that I had a smile plastered on my face for the entire thing. I just want more.


Doug said...

That was the Holocaust Memorial? I had no idea. It's gorgeous.

The photos of Pete are yummy.

Kristie~ said...

This is fantastic in it's randomness. These guys are great.

Ray Avito said...

Well, well, well, that Pistol Pete is certainly a beaut...

...and speaking of pistols, I find that picture of Damien with the gun in his mouth very erotic...