Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Barack Obama, Our 44th President

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From USA Today:


HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- Voters in Connecticut decided Tuesday against holding a convention to amend the state's constitution, dealing a major blow to opponents of same-sex marriage.

With 56 percent of votes counted, the question failed 60 percent to 40 percent.

Connecticut voters are asked every 20 years whether the state should hold convention during which delegates can rewrite the entire constitution. The last constitutional convention was held in 1965 to correct a flawed system of apportioning representatives to the General Assembly.

This time, proponents had hoped to change the constitution to allow citizens the opportunity to bypass the legislature and petition for changes in state law through direct ballot initiatives.

Connecticut is the third state, after Massachusetts and California, to offer gay marriage, with the first unions scheduled as early as Nov. 12.

"All of our joy had been a little bit tempered waiting for these results," said Anne Stanback, executive director of the gay-rights group Love Makes a Family. "You're going to see a lot of celebration tonight, and leading up to Nov. 12."


Dillinger said...

You know what makes me laugh about same sex marriage?
In conneticut some people are celebrating it.
Even though a huge chunk of married Conneticutian couples have been in a same sex marriage for years.
Gotta love double meanings.
Over all I can't say I'm for a redefing of the word marriage.
But at the same time I'm not gunna say I'm hell bent against some kinda of legal recognition of same sex couple and some kind of ceremonial event in it's confrimation.
I also don't think there should be any kind of benifits deniel of same sex couples. Especially if there is some sort of legal paperwork to support it.
I'm of a sorted opinion.
But hell why shouldn't gay couples have the right to the same missery as straight couples?
I'm sorry for how smug I am with some replies to things it's part of my nature.
I'm also in the mecca of homophobia that is like Utah on a small scale.
I have some mixed views regarding the whole the issue as a whole.
I can't say i'm concretly against it or for it. Thats just me though.
HOpe I have not offended anyone and if I have.
I'm sorry
here have a hug

thonnibg said...


thonnibg said...

Now you don`t need to move to Mexico:)

Cristiano Mancini said...

I'm so happy , also because NY and CT are blue states now ! on the fashion side I didn't like the choice of Michelle and the daughters for their victory's momentum outfits : what's up with that red and black ...it is so devilish, gothic ..is that a sign ?

Sue said...

Toni - I am relieved and happy too!

Cristiano - I didn't like Michele's dress either. It wasn't very flattering to her statuesque figure either.

zakwolff said...

L'arrivée à la Maison blanche de Barack Obama, né d'un père kényan noir et d'une mère blanche du Kansas, est un moment de l'histoire des Etats-Unis, 45 ans après l'apogée du mouvement pour les droits civiques menés par Martin Luther King.

Sue said...

Zakwolff - Merci beaucoup pour votre comment! Tres bien!

Kristie said...

I did so love Obamas speach last night. He's gonna be one hell of a leader.
I thought the girls looked good, didn't like Michelle's dress either.

Sue said...

Kristie - The girls are so pretty! I'd prefer to see them in brighter colors, alas the littlest one was wearing black! Obama is going to set the world on fire! Look out!