Saturday, November 29, 2008

Review: Stag TV Making Triple X Parts 1 & 2

So, I just finished watching Stag TV’s Making Triple X Parts 1 & 2 and I’ve got to say, isn’t that Adriano Toledo the new Pretty Woman (2000) in gay male form?

Don’t you just want to take him home and make all of his problems just go away and make all of his dreams come true? He needs to be swept off his feet as he is so innocent, sweet and irresistible for a “whore” as he calls himself. Adriano honey, your prince will come! You’ve just got to have a little faith. Your fame will grow and he will notice you; it will happen soon! I just know it!

Damien Crosse was as lovable as always. I loved the part when he swings his erect cock side to side so it slaps his hips. If I was male I would do that all the time. I don’t know how guys stop doing that. It just fascinates me. Guess I’m easy to please. What can I say? There is nothing not to love about Damien [except for the smoking – you gotta quit that doll]. I could go on and on. What a cute butt he has! To die for! When Samuel was rubbing out Damien's calf cramp – ooo! So hot that ass was! I just wanted to take a bite!

And his voice! So deep and sexy! Wowza. Sigh, I could die to hear it. Then he gets a telephone call from Grandma in Miami. “Yeah Grandma, I’m at a friends house. Not doin’ much. I start work next week…” as he stands there buck naked doing porn. An unscripted yet impossibly ironic and comedic moment.

Who brings all of this together and makes it happen? Francesco D’Macho, that’s who. We see him hovering all over making directions such as show your face, stand this way, put your cock here, stand there, the camera is here, et cetera. He is businesslike and professional and gets the job done with panache. The proof is in the results, the triple x features, which to date have been spectacular in this reviewer’s opinion. He does not seem to get on the talents’ nerves much at all, and has been only told off once as far as I have seen. [“Shut up and just let me get fucked.” Damien said it.] Somehow, and actually he demonstrates how, he manages to get all of the shots the audience wants to see: shots from underneath the stars while they are fucking, cum shots, soft porn shots with water trickling down their bodies [even if it is cold]. The mysteries of porn are revealed in this stag TV segment including how erections are maintained for the duration of the shoot. But all of it is kept entertaining and that is where Francesco’s talent truly shines. I was riveted. I was not happy when the show ended. I wanted more. Again the editing was terrific as was the music and titles.

You can really tell that Francesco cares about his actors. He takes time with them to prepare them for what is going to happen during the shoot and to make sure that all goes well and everyone is safe and happy. It is really touching to see him with Damien as he ties the blindfold on him and ushers him carefully into the hot tub. He seems so worried that he tied Damien’s blindfold too tight or that Damien would fall. It was so sweet!

[So Gabriel, where have you been all my life?]


Dillinger said...

lol I must need a Francesco in my life. To keep me on track and targeted.
SUe how you been? I'vee been hella buisy sorry I've havn't visited lately.
Do you think both Francesco and Damien can fit in my christmas stocking this year?

Sue said...

Hi Dill! Nah, they hardly fit in mine! pshaw! No luck for us everyday folks with those big time stars. :( I see you are making new vids, I watch them on Youtube. Keep up the good work!

smeety said...

I agree with you adriano is the new pretty woman! and so his voice gives me chills ^ ^ Once again a very good post

Sue said...

Thanks Smeety! I am so glad you agree with me!