Wednesday, November 05, 2008

RossoBlu on

From Stag Homme Studios:

Stag Homme Studios introduces yet another fresh face, a beefy Valencian fucker with big footballer legs, Samuel Roca. Damien Crosse tops Samuel for his porn debut in three different positions on lamb skin. But don't be fooled by the cozy sweetness of wool and and candle light. RossoBlu is sweaty hard fucking in a blend of soft blue and red light. It's a perfect synthesis of intimate connection and piggish sex.

Watch the preview or join and watch the full feature here.


RossoBlu is a study in opposites. At once intimate and serene it is also fierce with athletic sexuality. Damien and Samuel move from intimate kissing and caressing to a transition of sucking each other off and then the final three positions of coitus where Damien shows us just what stamina he has as he pounds Samuel's ass in a staccato manner. I was holding my breath! Sweat pours off both of them as a result of this effort and Samuel cannot hold back and ejaculates in the last position. Damien is not far behind him though. Damien smears their cum and sweat over their bodies. The video ends with the two now sweaty, cum coated men lying together in repose.

I must say that Damien makes the most sexy noises I have heard in a long time as he moans and groans his way through the scene. He is also most appealing to look at. I was quite turned on! This is another very high quality effort from Stag Homme studios.


Doug said...

OMG So hot!

Kristie said...

Have mercy this is one hot movie. Once again the guys offer us something different. Who could ever tie of Damien's gorgeous body and he triple fierce!!! Another great newcomer as well. Damien breaks him in.

Sh@ney said...

Hi my darling Sue, it is so lovely to be back! While the lengthy break from the internet did me the world of good I often thought about you and all the other blogger buddies. While I wont be posting as madly as I did once before I do intend on keeping my circle of readers small but close by. I would be happy to have you amongst those I consider my friends. I have a lot of catching up to do so bare with me sweetie.

hugs to you Shaney