Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Puppy for Mommy - Part 6, The Puppies Grow Up

The breeders have sent us new photos showing that the pups are growing up! Above you can see that they are now eating! Yes, they have begun being weaned from their exhausted mom. Though sometimes they end up wearing their food.

The pups are beginning to interact with humans. That is important, because that is why they cannot be assessed by the Volhard test earlier. Also, their eyes are open all of the time now. In the two photos below, the pups are with the breeders.

The puppies are far more active now during playtime. As you can see:

Portuguese Water "Dish" Dogs?

A group shot during nap time. What a pile of puppies!


SYNRGY said...

that is a pile... absolutely adorable

Sue said...

Makes you want one, doesn't it Synrgy?

Shaney said...

Well considering it would cost me about $500 to have one shipped over & that is if customs allowed it I am going to just have to have a virtual cuddle, using my imagination....They are grogeous Sue...xoxo

Sue said...

Yeah. It would be better to adopt one there. But you have Sheekah! What would she say! They are gorgeous though. Thanks Shaney!