Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Freshman Year - Part 19, Tom Visits LI

Tom took the train to come visit me on Long Island. Mom and I drove in to Pennsylvania Station to pick him up and I spotted him right away. I ran up to greet him and then introduced him to mom, who had never met him. He was kind of disheveled from the long train ride, and I could relate since it took about as long as my bus ride did. So we took him home with us and let him have a shower before dinner.

The big difference between staying at his parents’ house and my mom’s house is that we were both staying in my room. It was just really cool to go up there and see his stuff with mine. Mom’s room is on the first floor way on the other side of the house, and my room is on the second floor on the opposite side. So there was lots of privacy for us. We also had our own little bathroom on the second floor.

So in the house were myself, Tom, and mom. Dad was living with his second wife in Massapequa, Evie was off selling Bible books with her boyfriend, and Verne was up at Cornell working at the green houses. Mom was just all over Tom. She was so taken by his looks and physique. It was so embarrassing. She batted her eyelashes flirtatiously at him, and squeezed his muscles and said things like, “Gee Susie, I’m not sure you even know what to do with a man like Tom.” I was mortified. I gave him credit; he smiled and tried not to look too uncomfortable.

Mom cooked a fabulous late dinner, as usual, which we ate with gusto. Bed time came soon after that, and mom went off first. Tom and I retired soon after.

We went up to my room and undressed. My old bed was only a twin size, very soft and had kind of squeaky frame. So we decided to make love on the carpeted floor. It was pretty warm up on the second floor. Actually it was darn hot as well as muggy. Long Island is known for its humidity. We didn’t really realize just how hot and muggy until we got to moving around a lot.

Tom was on top of me doing his usual job of fucking me good, supporting himself on his hands and moving his hips up and down, when his sweat started to drip on me. First it came off his nose and onto my face, then it ran down his body and into his pubes and then onto my exposed areas around where his penis was going in and out of me. That is where it stung. Where there was friction was where it stung. I was also sweating as evidenced by pools between my breasts and on the hollow just below my sternum. The sex was still pleasant enough to continue, but it made me more aware of how much work it was for him, having his sweat drip on me in the overly hot room.

Afterwards, we took some wet washcloths and wiped ourselves off real well because a shower would have woken up mom. Boy those cool clothes felt pretty refreshing.

The next day, mom dropped us off at the train station in Jamaica, Queens so that we could spend a day in New York City visiting the Cloisters. We took the F train into NYC and transferred to the A train and rode up to the Cloisters. The Cloisters is dedicated to the art of medieval Europe between 1200 and 1500 AD and really is a must see for anyone visiting the New York area. Vintage buildings were collected from places like Spain and Italy and reassembled to create the museum so it is as if one is transported to Europe and back in time when one visits there. That and the relatively building free vistas of the Hudson River and Palisades and landscaped park like settings add to the experience.

The collection is astounding and includes tapestries, stained glass, illuminated manuscripts, and works in precious metals such as gold. Here are some examples of what Tom and I saw:

There really is much more there, and you can visit their wonderful website to see what else they have and the descriptions of what we saw.

We had a glorious time there and then had to make our way back to Long Island in the late afternoon. So, we walked back to the A train. As the train passed through Harlem, three Latina ladies got on our car. Tom inspected them way too closely for a native New Yorker. Then he turned to me, pointed at them and said as if he was announcing it to the whole train car, “Sue, look at the whores!”

They gave us an angry look that said they were going to cut us but good if we didn’t move along quickly. So, I grabbed Tom’s shirt and pulled him with me into the next train car. He stuttered, “What? What did I do?”

We just kept moving forward in the train until I was sure they were not following us. God, he was such a rube.


about a boy said...

i love the cloisters. i would like to get back up there again sometime.

Sue said...

Isn't it a marvelous place? It is a great place to take visitors to NYC.