Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Iceland Investigation - Part 10

Hello fans of Mr. Butterfly and Dr. Sue Fairview! I need your help desperately. Please help me decide where to send them next. Who will they have sex with meet and what kind of new explorations will they make? Stop lurking and enjoying what I write and put your suggestions in the comments! Do it now! (Please.)

The Iceland and BRC ideas were the brainchildren of Chris at About a Boy and His Briefs. Let’s all give Chris a big thanks for a great idea! Thank you Chris!

Volchuk and Mr. Butterfly were still out at the campfire wondering what was up with Pavel and Sue. But, Mr. Butterfly hadn’t had a chance to talk to Volchuk all day and lots of questions for the young Russian.

“I was so impressed with the way you handled that rifle. Did you have military training in Russia?”

“Da, for two years right after high school. I could have gotten out of it, but I thought it would come in handy. I sure was glad I had that training today.”

“Me too! I have not had as much experience with guns as you have. I am damn sure of that. I’d have probably shot my own foot off. I doubt I would have scared that man much, even wielding a gun.”

“Trust me. Anyone holding a gun on you is scary.”

“I was scared of you, you know with your big gun and all.” he said winking and putting emphasis on the words ‘big gun’.

“Oh, were you now?” said Volchuk teasingly.

“Yeah. I was afraid you would shoot at me and that would be a big mess.”

“I might have to lick it off of you.” They moved closer to each other to kiss and began to make out by the fire. Mr. Butterfly’s hand went to Volchuk’s breast, making his nipple hard, while Volchuk’s hand went to Mr. Butterfly’s crotch to see if he was erect yet. He was getting there. Volchuk whispered into Mr. Butterfly’s ear, “I want you to fuck me.”


“You heard me right. I want you up my ass, you hot researcher you. I want to feel your dick up my ass. You make me so hot.”

“But you told me you never bottom.”

“Only for you my sweet.”

Then they kissed. Now, Mr. Butterfly had a full erection. They looked up and Sue was leading Pavel to her tent. Good thought Mr. Butterfly; that was sorted out. They called out good night and were answered in kind.

Mr. Butterfly got up and held out a hand to Volchuk which Volchuk took. Then hand-in-hand together they went to Mr. Butterfly’s tent. The crouched down to enter and got comfortable on the sleeping bag. They took off their tee shirts and began to make out. The young explorer took the lead heading south for Volchuk’s crotch. But he pulled off the Russian’s shorts and instead, headed for his backside flipping him over. The explorer parted the Russians cheeks and began lapping away at the virgin pucker before him. Volchuk began moaning immediately. Mr. Butterfly inserted his tongue and could taste the saltiness of the day there. He reached for some lube and inserted a finger slowly. He found the Russian’s prostate and massaged it gently. Volchuk bucked to get more stimulation. So, Mr. Butterfly put two fingers in. That did not help matters.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me now!” pleaded the Russian.

“Um, just a minute I have to put a condom on…”

“I don’t care just fuck me bareback!”

“Sorry kid. I won’t do that. I hate to spoil the mood, but you are a scientist so you should know that you should never, ever let anyone fuck you bareback.” Mr. Butterfly said this looking right into Volchuk’s eyes for emphasis. So Mr. Butterfly put on a condom and began to ease his erect cock into they boy’s ass ring. A single tear fell from Volchuk’s eye, so he knew there was pain, but Volchuk was way too macho to admit it or cry out. Then he saw Volchuk’s eyes roll up in his head and he knew that there was also pleasure. It didn’t take long for Mr. Butterfly to get his cock into the Russian. Then he began a steady pace of fucking him doggy style.

With the apogee of every one of Mr. Butterfly’s thrusts, Volchuk would make an, “Oh” sound. Volchuk’s penis swung free underneath him, almost, but not quite touching the ground. They decided to flip positions so Volchuk would be on his back. They did. Now they could keep track of Volchuk’s erection more easily. But the “Oh” sounds continued.

“Harder!” commanded Volchuk in between Oh sounds.

Mr. Butterfly complied as well as he could.

“Faster!” pleaded Volchuk in between Oh sounds.

Mr. Butterfly complied as well as he could but he thought, gee, I have created a real fuck pig here! But then he looked down and could see that indeed Volchuk was getting close to cumming and was jerking himself furiously. The next thing he knew, he could feel the muscles in Volchuk’s ass tightening as Volchuk began to spew creamy white spunk out his fire hose of a dick all over own his chest, face, mouth and hair while letting out a final big, “Ohhhhhh shit!”

It was so fucking hot to see Volchuk cum that Mr. Butterfly began to cum too. “Oh man, you came so much all over yourself; that is so hot!” said Mr. Butterfly after he had cum and disposed of the condom.

“How do you propose to help me clean up this mess?”

“May I lick you clean?”

“Absolutely. I command you to!”

So, Mr. Butterfly began to lick the cum off Volchuk’s face. They smeared Volchuk’s cum all over themselves and made out with the cum in between them. It was a real merging of men and their essence. Then they stared into each others’ eyes dreamily.

Volchuk said, “I love you Mr. Butterfly.”

Photo credit: Caballero


peter said...


How about Chile, it has everything from the cold freezing south to wineries in the middle and a desert in the north.

They could even cross the border to Peru for the Nazca cultures and Nazca lines or
South Island in New Zealand.

Since you’ve covered part of the Amazon, Angkor in Cambodia could be a place to visit or a bit closer to home the Loire Valley

Take your pick!

Doug said...

I love surprise bottoms!

about a boy said...

i like being a surprise top!

thats hot! real hot.

G Cracker said...

One of the only times I ever topped...oh, what a good time that was. Oh, Volchuk...

After all the research that we'd done, we went to the Middle East, that little stint in Egypt, right?

Sue said...

Peter: some great ideas there! I definitely will look into Chile and Cambodia (I've always wanted to go to Cambodia to look at the temples).

Doug: you pervert! LOL (Sodomite section of hell right? I'll be looking for you.)

Chris: you pervert! Anytime. Glad you enjoyed it. Hot, eh? I love it that I wrote something hot.

G: you pervert! Its love, eh? Egypt! Oooooo. I've always wanted to go there. I'll have to see what there is for the team to do there.

G Cracker said...

Sue, there's pyramids and Egyptians for the team to do there! :P

Sue said...

Yeah, but Sue does plants and Mr. B does bugs.

G Cracker said...

Sue, I'm thinkin' they deserve a vacation though. ;)