Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oliver Frey Month on Meatcute

May 2007 was Oliver Frey month on Meatcute, a blog that celebrates gay comics. Here is what they said about Mr. Frey:

Even though ZACK's draftsmanship, color and composition are all top notch, I believe what sets him apart from his peers is his narrative sense. The ability to tell a story is something that sets pin-up art apart from good comics art. I think John C's previous comment about Frey's mainstream commercial art career enhancing his technique is spot on. Check out this excerpt from Zack's "Rome" (ABOVE), it's beautifully rendered, erotically charged and has a very clear, distinct narrative. For your review, I've posted some other excerpts from a couple of Zack's stories (BELOW)...

Meatcute also published some Frey images not seen previously here on Fairview and I thought I would share them with you my readers. When I have had to edit the image, I have put the link for the complete image right below it for your convenience. Links are for adults only. Enjoy!


So visit Meatcute and see all of the other great artists they have such as Josman, Tom of Finland, and Patrick Fillion.

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